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Minecraft Dungeons is divided up into areas called Missions, also known as Levels, which combine randomly-generated areas with pre-designed areas to create endless possibilities for multiple playthroughs. Learn more about each Mission and what can be found there!

What are Missions (Levels)?

In each Level of the game, players will navigate through “tiles” (pre-constructed areas) which are randomly mapped together to create sprawling environments.

Although the locations of some areas are consistent, each level as a whole will be different every time it's played, making a brand new experience each time a brave player or team challenges it.

List of Missions

Squid Coast

Squid Coast
Squid Coast is the first mission and is the tutorial level of the game. Here you will encounter your first enemies and learn how to play the game!
Squid Coast Mission Walkthrough

Creeper Woods

Creeper Woods Intro
Save the captured Villagers. Chase down the caravan and free the villagers captured in this mission!
Creeper Woods Mission Walkthrough

Pumpkin Pastures

Pumpkin Pastures Intro
Pumpkin Pastures has been raided by the Arch-Illager's minions. But wait, there is still a village that has not been attacked yet! You must get there in time and warn them of the danger.
Pumpkin Pastures Mission Walkthrough

Soggy Swamp

Soggy Swamp Intro
Enter the Soggy Swamp and find the wicked brews that has contaminated the land. Destroy them before the Arch-Illager can get his hands on them!
Soggy Swamp Mission Walkthrough

Cacti Canyon

Cacti Canyon Intro
To reach the Desert Temple one must first traverse through the Cacti Canyon. Journey through this level full of sand and monsters!
Cacti Canyon Mission Walkthrough

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12 Anonymous2 days

Does every level require a specific mission/s to get to the next level? Or you just need to find the exit and get to the next level?

11 Anonymous6 days

>>10 If you get deeper into the game I'm sure you'll reach it.

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