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Creepy Crypt.jpg

This is Game8's walkthrough of the Creepy Crypt Mission in the game Minecraft Dungeons. Learn how to get through this level, what gear and artifacts can be found here, and tips and strategies for beating it!

Previous Mission Current Mission Next Mission
Creeper Woods Creepy Crypt Pumpkin Pastures
Soggy Swamp
Cacti Canyon
Redstone Mines

Basic Information

How to Unlock Creepy Crypt

Creepy Crypt is a Secret Mission which can be unlocked by finding one of the secrets in the previous Mission, Creeper Woods. Check our guide below to find out how to unlock Creepy Crypt.

How to Unlock Creepy Crypt Secret Mission

Weapon Drops

Bow ImageBow
Diamond Pickaxe ImageDiamond Pickaxe
Hawkbrand ImageHawkbrand
Pickaxe ImagePickaxe
Soul Bow ImageSoul Bow
(Adventure, Apocalypse)
Sword ImageSword
Diamond Sword ImageDiamond Sword
Nocturnal Bow ImageNocturnal Bow
(Adventure, Apocalypse)
Bonebow ImageBonebow

Armor Drops

ArcherArcher's Armor
HunterHunter's Armor
Phantom Armor ImagePhantom Armor
(Adventure, Apocalypse)
Battle Robe ImageBattle Robe
Frost Bite ImageFrost Bite
(Adventure, Apocalypse)
Splendid Robe ImageSplendid Robe

Artifact Drops

Boots of Swiftness ImageBoots of Swiftness
Fishing Rod ImageFishing Rod
Tasty Bone ImageTasty Bone
Ghost Cloak ImageGhost Cloak
(Adventure, Apocalypse)

Recommended Power for Each Difficulty

Recommended Power
Default 1 4 10 16 22 27 33
Adventure 33 39 45 51 56 62 68
Apocalypse 68 74 80 86 91 97 103

Gear and Artifact Power for Each Difficulty

Gear and Artifact Power
Default 1-8 6-13 12-19 18-25 18-27 18-29
Adventure 18-30 18-32 18-34 18-36 18-37 18-39
Apocalypse 65-73 65-75 65-77 65-79 65-80 65-82

Mission Objectives

Find the Lost Tome

Find the lost tome.jpg

Enter the crypt and follow the markers to find the Lost Tome.

Leave the Crypts

Leave the crypts.jpg

After obtaining the Lost Tome, fight your way out through this seemingly endless maze.

Secret Locations

The Crpyt

1st secret.jpg

You will already have a secret unlocked right at the beginning of the dungeon. Unlocking the crypt during the Creeper Woods mission is counted as a secret in this mission as well!

Corpses on Walls

2nd secret.jpg

Always check the walls for corpses with a helm and a shield. Disturbing one of them will have you fight a horde of mobs. Defeat all of them and a chest will appear. The number of corpses that count as secrets is random for every run so you might find multiple of these inside the crypt.


3rd secret.jpg

Some of the rooms inside the crypt has large tombs on the floor. Open the cover and loot the chest that you will find. The number of tombs that count as secrets is also random for every run so you might find multiple of these inside the crypt.

Sealed Gate

4th secret1.jpg

After obtaining the Lost Tome, the gate that blocks the way out of the crypt and the gate at the very beginning of the mission will be unsealed. Backtrack to where you started and find another entrance at the end of the path. Passing through this gate does not count as a secret yet.

4th secret2.jpg

After you travel to the other entrance, explore the secret area of the crypt and find another tomb. Open the cover to find a chest inside and register the secret.

Tips & Strategies

Be Careful of the Falling Tiles

Falling tiles.jpg

The bridges inside the crypt have tiles that will begin to fall once you step on them. Be careful of these tiles as you will lose a large portion of your health if you fall.

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