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This is Game8's walkthrough of the Dingy Jungle Mission in the game Minecraft Dungeons. Learn how to get through this level, what gear and artifacts can be found here, and tips and strategies for beating it!

Previous Mission Current Mission Next Mission
- Dingy Jungle Overgrown Temple
Unlockable Secret Mission
Panda Plateau

Basic Information

Dingy Jungle is a Normal Mission introduced in the Jungle Awakens DLC. This is the first mission of the Island Realms map.

Weapon Drops

Bow ImageBow FighterFighter's Bindings Gauntlets ImageGauntlets
Double Axe ImageDouble Axe Soul Fists ImageSoul Fists Bonebow ImageBonebow
Exploding Crossbow ImageExploding Crossbow Maulers ImageMaulers Whirlwind ImageWhirlwind
Vine Whip ImageVine Whip Whip ImageWhip Firebolt Thrower ImageFirebolt Thrower

Armor Drops

ArcherArcher's Armor HunterHunter's Armor Mystery Armor ImageMystery Armor
Shadow Walker ImageShadow Walker Ocelot Armor ImageOcelot Armor

Artifact Drops

Tasty Bone ImageTasty Bone Totem of Regeneration ImageTotem of Regeneration Iron Hide Amulet ImageIron Hide Amulet

Recommended Power for Each Difficulty

Recommended Power
Default - 4 10 16 22 27 33
Adventure - 39 45 51 56 62 68
Apocalypse - 74 80 86 91 97 103

Mission Objectives

Explore the Jungle

Dingy Jungle start.jpg

Follow the yellow markers through the jungle. Most of the enemies can inflict Poison which deals continuous damage so be careful around these mobs.

Pass the Stronghold

Pass the stronghold.jpg

There will be two gates to be opened for this objective and both triggers ambushes so be prepared to fight your way through this stronghold.

Explore the Vine Maze

Explore the vine maze.jpg

Continue following the markers after surviving the stronghold until you reach the vine maze. From this point onward, corrupted vines will start popping up everywhere. Although they're not much of a threat, they can still distract or block you.

Follow the Pass

Follow the pass.jpg

In addition to corrupted vines, poison quill vines are now present on almost everywhere. These mobs are also stationary but can shoot poisonous projectiles at you.

Survive the Ambush

Survive the ambush.jpg

Follow the markers again until you encounter corrupted vines that seem to be acting as walls enclosing a square area.

Approach the stone wall nearby and you will be ambushed by waves of mobs. Some of these mobs are leapers that moves like a redstone golem but use leaping attacks instead.

Cross the Canyon

Cross the canyon.jpg

Travel over the tree tops across the chasm while fending off mobs.

This is also the area where the secret is located (if there are any indicated on your map). Just find the creeper statue and move onward past it until you find either another entrance or an obsidian chest.

Survive the Gauntlet

Survive the gauntlet.jpg

Poison quill vines are scattered around your path so it is recommended to have Deflect enchantment on your armor to make it easier to pass through. You can also take all the hits and just heal with healing artifacts or by drinking a potion.

Search for the Temple

Search for the temple.jpg

You're almost there! Climb up and move onwards until you find the temple.

Watch out for humanoid plants called whisperers as they are fast and can summon corrupted vines to block, poison quill vines to attack, and sometimes normal vines to snare.

Search for Clues

Search for clues.jpg

The switch that opens the temple is blocked by a bamboo wall. Although it looks very easy to break down, you will need to make the two stone faces on either side have the correct faces, and you will need to look for clues to know which are the right ones.

First Clue

First clue.jpg

The first clue is found across a cliff that you have already passed by. It is located near a waterfall just before the entrance to the temple.

Memorize its face and make the left stone face on the temple entrance have the same.

Second Clue

Second clue.jpg

The second clue is found further into the jungle. Go onward past the temple until you reach the end of the path and look for this statue.

Memorize its face and make the right stone face on the temple entrance have the same.

Survive the Ambush

Survive another ambush.jpg

After having the correct faces, the bamboo gate will be disabled. Press the newly revealed switch to trigger an ambush.

The mobs that will spawn are basically every enemy that you have fought in this mission so far except for the corrupted vines and poison quill vines. Prepare for a grueling fight.

Go Through the Gateway

Go through the gateway.jpg

The entrance to the temple will be opened after wiping them all out. Simply go up and enter the temple to clear the mission!

Secret Locations

Panda Plateau Secret Mission

Secret entrance.jpg

The secret area containing the map to Panda Plateau is found during the Cross the Canyon objective. It is usually found past the creeper statue but on most times, you might find an obsidian chest instead. This secret area appears randomly so you might need to restart the mission a few (or a lot) of times before it appears.

How to Unlock the Panda Plateau Secret Mission

Obsidian Chest

Secret chest.jpg

This obsidian chest is located at the same area as where the secret entrance is supposed to appear. This means if there is a secret indicated on your map, you either get the secret area or this obsidian chest.

Chest Locations

Chest Near a Waterslide

Chest 1.jpg

One of the mini dungeons inside this mission has some sort of waterslide. Once you get to the top, survive the ambush and you will be rewarded with a chest.

Lava Area

Chest 2.jpg

Another one of the mini dungeons in this mission is filled with lava. You might have to travel (while fighting, of course) a long way to reach this chest on an altar.

Near the End of the Lava Area

Chest 3.jpg

You will be ambushed right before you exit the same lava area. Surviving every wave will make a chest appear nearby.

Creeper Statue

Chest 4.jpg

You can find a creeper statue during the Cross the Canyon objective which summons a horde of creepers when you investigate it. Wipe them all out and you will be rewarded with a chest.

Tips & Strategies

Poisonous Mobs


Almost every new enemy introduced in the Jungle Awakens DLC can inflict Poison on each hit. Try to avoid their attacks as this status effect can whittle your health down quickly.

Since most of them are ranged, having Deflect on your armor can help you deal with most of their attacks.

Ocelots Hate Creepers

Ocelot attacking a creeper.jpg

A lot of ocelots are scattered around the jungle. These cuties chase down creepers and attack them, which can also stop creepers from detonating.

Creepers are afraid of ocelots but ocelots are afraid of you, so they might stop attacking creepers and run away if you approach them.

Make Use of the Vines

Use the corrupted vines that appear out of nowhere as a tool to trigger beneficial enchantments such as Radiance or Soul Siphon.

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