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In lieu of a class system, Minecraft Dungeons sports a variety of armor which can transform your player from a tank, to a fast attacker, to a spellcaster. Learn about all the different Armor, and the stats and effects of each!

What is Armor?


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As Minecraft Dungeons has been confirmed to have no Classes or Abilities inherent to each character, Weapons and Armor play a more significant role than other games in determining a player's battle style.

Armor provides a number of benefits to a player, including boosting their max Health, reducing the damage they take, and other effects unique to a given type of Armor.



As with Weapons, each piece of Armor is outfitted with Enchantments which provide additional useful effects. An effective pairing of Enchantments to Armor can make for an unbreakable defense!

List of Armor Enchantments

Salvaging Armor


As you progress through the game, you'll frequently switch out for superior Weapons and Armor found on your adventures. You can put your old Weapons and Armor to good use by salvaging them, which will yield some amount of Emeralds; in addition, the Enchantment Points already spent on that Armor will be returned. Be sure to Salvage your old gear so you have plenty of Enchantment Points to soup up your new Armor with!

List of Armor

Name Rarity Effects
Evocation Robe Common/Rare -25% item cooldown
+15% movespeed aura
Reinforced Mail Common/Rare 35% damage reduction
30% chance to negate hits
100% longer roll cooldown
Soul Robe Common/Rare +100% souls gathered
+50% artifact damage
Hunter's Armor Common/Rare +10 arrows per bundle
+30% ranged damage
Mercenary Armor Common/Rare 35% damage reduction
+25% weapon damage boost aura
Plate Armor Common/Rare 20% chance to negate hits
20% damage reduction
-10% movespeed
Scale Mail Common/Rare 35% damage reduction
+30% melee damage
Spelunker Armor Common/Rare +20% weapon damage boost aura
Gives you a pet bat
Thief Armor Common/Rare x% damage reduction (?)
+25% melee attack speed
Wolf Armor Common/Rare +20% weapon damage boost aura
Health potions heal nearby allies
Grim Armor Normal +100% souls gathered
3% life steal aura
Archer's Armor Unique +15% movespeed aura
+10 arrows per bundle
+30% ranged damage
Ember Robe Unique Burns Nearby Enemies
-25% artifact cooldown
+15% movespeed aura
Spider Armor Unique 3% life steal aura
+25% melee attack speed
Highland Armor Unique Gains Speed after Dodge
35% damage reduction
+30% melee damage
Renegade Armor Unique +25% melee attack speed
+35% damage reduction
+20% weapon damage boost aura
Wither Armor Unique 35% damage reduction
+100% souls gathered
3% life steal aura

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