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Apocalypse Mode is the highest difficulty mode that the game has to offer, and offers the most challenges by far. Learn more about the things that you need to prepare for before diving into the endgame!

How to Unlock Apocalypse Mode

Apocalypse unlocked.jpg

To unlock Apocalypse Mode, which is the third and last difficulty available so far, you need to beat all 10 story missions in Adventure Mode.

Check our guide for the different difficulty modes and the difficulty bar feature below!

Difficulty Modes

Changes in Apocalypse Mode

Increased Difficulty

Below minimum difficulty.jpg

To live up to its name, Apocalypse Mode makes missions hard by increasing the minimum difficulty of missions higher than the previous difficulty modes.

Take the image above for example. The recommended power for Apocalypse I in Cacti Canyon is 68, but it's unplayable even though the character's power (62) is relatively close to the recommended power!

Increased Mob Stats

Beefy mobs.jpg

Armored Zombie losing only a little of its maximum health after being bashed with 402 damage

Mobs get higher health and damage output than ever before, so don't be surprised if the setup that you used to defeat the Heart of Ender in Adventure Mode won't be much of a help against the mobs in Apocalypse Mode.

More Enchanted Enemies

Powerful enchantments.jpg

More enchanted mobs appear on each mission with more powerful enchantments. These are the ones that you should prepare for the most as you encounter enchanted mobs in groups most of the time, and they'll bring along other buffed mobs.

Have your weapons with Unchanting enchantment ready to deal with these types of mobs.

Even Better Rewards

Better rewards.jpg

To match those drastic changes mentioned above, the power of gear and artifacts that you can obtain gets buffed, too. Hooray!

More Gear and Artifacts

New items.jpg

You can also check every mission for new items that are yet to be unlocked. Remember that these new unknown items are only available in Apocalypse Mode, which classifies them endgame items!

All Gear and Artifact Drops

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