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This is a page on the Very Rare Snurp monster in Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn basic information on this enemy and what the rewards are for beating them!

Very Rare Snurp Basic Information

No. 161 Very Rare Snurp
Miitopia Very Rare Snurp
Type Normal

Very Rare Snurp Locations

Region Area
Miitopia Sky Scraper Map Icon.pngThe Sky Scraper/Otherworld ㉖ Otherworld

Rewards for Beating Very Rare Snurp

EXP and Gold

EXP 20000
Gold 0

Grub (Food)


About the Very Rare Surps

Insane EXP Rewards

Very Rare Snurps are a special type of Snurp that award a huge amount of EXP. With this, it is one of best enemies to farm to reach the max level.

High Defense and Speed

While the rewards in beating Very Rare Snurps are certainly awesome, it comes with a catch - like its Rare variant, Very Rare Snurps are incredibly hard to defeat. With its insanely high defense, you can expect your characters (no matter the level or boost in their attack or magic) to deal just 1 to 3 damage on it.

Further, it is insanely fast and can definitely outspeed your Mii's unless you have maxed out your Speed stat. And lastly, it has a medium chance of escaping the battle outright.

How to Defeat Very Rare Snurps Quickly

There isn't much variety other than making sure you deal out as much damage as you can per turn and hope that they do not run away.

Summary on How to Beat Very Rare Snurps

Hyper Sprinkles

Miitopia Switch Hyper Sprinkle.png
Thankfully, despite having insanely high defenses and speed, the Very Rare Snurp has extremely low HP (around 15 HP). If you use Hyper Sprinkles, you ensure that your Mii's basic attacks deal a flat 3 damage on it, making defeating the Very Rare Snurps easier.

How to Unlock Sprinkles

Imp Combo

Miitopia Switch Imp Butt Jab.png
The Hyper Sprinkles strategy above can be further abused when battling a group of Very Rare and Rare Snurps. This can be done when you have someone in your team whose basic attack hits all enemies such as the Thief or the Pop Star. Using the Hyper Sprinkles on them will make them hit 3 damage on all of your opponents.

Then, if your controllable character is an Imp, you can use the skill Butt Jab to repeat the above strategy, potentially allowing you to deal 6 damage to the Snurps in just two turns.


Miitopia Switch Vampire Curse Skill.png
Vampires have a special skill known as Curse which functions as a counter whenever the Vampire is attacked. What makes it useful against Very Rare Snurps is that it disregards defenses and will instantly kill Very Rare Snurps.

If you prefer to use this strategy, it is highly recommended to move one of your Mii's to the safe spot to increase the chances of your Vampire getting attacked.

Vampire Skills

Righteous Anger

Miitopia Switch Cleric Righteous Anger Skill.png
Another effective (although less reliable) strategy is to use the Cleric's skill Righteous Anger. While it only works 50% of the time, it instantly defeats a Very Rare Snurp! If you are after this strategy, it is advisable to have the Cleric as the controllable to character to repeatedly use Righteous Anger until it works.

Cleric Skills

Preventing Their Escape

Miitopia Switch Pop Star Earworm Skill.png
It is actually quite possible to prevent them from escaping by using skills that cause it to dance. The Pop Star's Earworm or the Elf's Dancing Arrow achieves this effect. If successful, these attacks make it confused making it unable to attack.

Spicy Dish

Miitopia Switch Chef Skill Spicy Dish.png
This is a skill from the Chef line and will deal a flat 4 damage to Very Rare Snurps, making it the best attack that you can use against them. However, this comes with a drawback as Spicy Dish may cause Resentment during battle and cause more problems. Take care when using this strategy.

Chef Job: Skills and Best Personality

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