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Seattle Day 2 Apartment

This guide will show you how to open the apartment safe in Seattle Day 2 of The Last of Us 2, using the calendar code. Read on to learn the safe location, hints, and what can be found inside.

Apartment Safe Location

In Chapter 3: Seattle Day 2 - The Seraphites, Before doing the puzzle where you will have to move a dumpster, there will be an apartment complex across from there. Don't worry if you jump over the fence to move the dumpster, you can go back once you have cleared the stone wall by using the dumpster to jump over and unlock the door to get back.

The front door to the apartment will be locked, but you will be able to enter through the 2nd floor by climbing onto a white delivery truck.

White Truck

On the 2nd floor, you will have to break the window with a melee weapon or by throwing a brick or bottle in order to enter.

Apartment Safe Code

You can either use the hints to find the code for yourself, or just skip ahead to the solution.

The Calendar Code

Apartment Hint 1
Once you enter the apartment you can find the hint for the safe on the table in the kitchen.

The note will tell you that the code is the date that the couple had gotten married. If you look on the right side of the bed, you will find a calender pinned to the wall.

you will see the 30th anniversery marked on the calander. From there, you can see the date but remember to deduct 30 years to get to the correct combination.

Safe Combination Solution

Click to see the Safe Combination
Safe Combination

What's Inside the Apartment Safe?

Apartment Safe Supply
Inside, you will find standard supplies and Supplements.

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