Justice Monsters Five Guide and Rewards

This is a page for Justice Monsters Five in Final Fantasy XV. Read on for a guide to the minigame and the list of rewards that you can obtain!

Justice Monsters Five Basic Information

Justice Monsters Five

Basic Controls

Control Action
Left stick + Slice shot
Hold Charge shot
L1 / R1 Select monster
Swap monster
Hero tech
L2 Help

Player Info

Icon Description
hp Hero's HP bar. The hero's orb can no longer be used when its HP reaches 0.
tech Hero's Tech bar. You can use the hero tech when it is full.
burst Burst shot deals bonus damage to the first enemy it hits.
climb Climb shot climbs the wall that will let you attack enemies from behind.
pierce Pierce shot penetrates enemies in a straight line.

Justice Slots

Icon Description
hp up x2: Heroes recover 50% HP
x3: Heroes recover all HP
bonus damage x2: Damage enemies equal to 20% of their current HP
x3: Damage enemies equal to 50% of their current HP
tech-ready x2: Heroes' tech bars are filled by 50%
x3: Heroes' tech bars are filled completely
treasure x2: Obtain 2 treasure chests after completing the stage
x3: Obtain 5 treasure chests upon completing the stage
points x2: Obtain 30,000 points
x3: Obtain 100,000 points


Icon Description
small hp Restores a small amount of HP to all orbs
medium hp Restores a medium amount of HP to all orbs

Justice Monsters Five Rewards

Every Crow's Nest Diner has the Justice Monsters Five pinball game and most of them costs only 10 Gil per play.

The only exception is on Altissia, where it costs 10,000 Gil per play but has far better rewards than the others.

10 Gil Game

No. of Chests Reward
2 - 4 Potion
5 - 9 Hi-Potion
10 - 14 Elixir
15 - 19 Hi-Elixir
20 - 24 Garnet Bracelet
25 - 29 Carbon Bangle
30 - 34 Amethyst Bracelet
35 - 39 Titanium Bangle
40 - 44 Mega Phoenix
45 - 49 Sapphire Bracelet
50 - 59 Gold Bangle
60 - 69 Oracle Earring
70 - 79 Ruby Bracelet
80 - 89 Platinum Bangle
90 - 98 Emerald Bracelet
99+ Celestriad

10,000 Gil Game

No. of Chests Reward
5 - 9 Hi-Potion
10 - 14 Mega Phoenix
15 - 19 Ruby Bracelet
20 - 24 Platinum Bangle
25 - 29 Emerald Bracelet
30 - 34 Centurion Bangle
35 - 39 Mystic Circlet
40 - 44 Moogle Charm
45 - 49 Legatus Bangle
50 - 59 Blue Diamond Bracelet
60 - 69 Gigas Bangle
70 - 79 Assist Suit
80 - 89 Dark Matter Bracelet
90 -98 Onion Bangle
99+ Wind-up Lord Vexxos

Justice Monsters Five Tips

Spin the Slots

The final prize is determined by the number of treasure chests that you get, not your final score. You can get treasure chests by spinning the slots once you get 200 slot gauge points.

Hit the bumpers to get gauge points.. Once you activate the slots, aim for at least 2 treasure chest slots to get treasure chests or you can also save them for later when you need recovery.

You can play the slots up to four times per stage so you need to defeat all the waves of enemies in a stage to reset the counter.

Time Your Attacks

Enemies unleash attacks at regular intervals. Observe their attack pattern and time your own attacks when it is safe to do so.

Take Note of Enemies' Weaknesses

Each hero and enemy has its own elemental attribute. Take note of your enemies' attribute and use a hero with an attribute it is weak to for additional damage.

Boss monsters have weak points that is indicated by a target. Attack the bosses on these points for additional damage.

Use Multiple Balls at Once

Normally, you can only use one orb at a time, but there is a trick that lets you use the heroes' orbs all at once. Check the guide below for more details!

How to Use Multiple Balls at Once (Justice Monsters Five)

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