List of Best Accessories and How to Get Them

This is a page for the best accessories in Final Fantasy XV. Read on to learn more about the best accessories and how to obtain them!

List of Best Accessories

Moogle Charm

The accessory that you may want to obtain first before farming a lot of EXP. Multiple Moogle Charms stack, making your grind a lot easier. You can obtain a Moogle Charm by playing the Justice Monsters Five 10,000 Gil machine in Altissia and getting 40 chests.

For the complete list of Justice Monsters Five rewards, click the link below!

Justice Monsters Five Guide and Rewards

Dark Matter Bracelet

The bracelet that gives the highest Strength boost. You can obtain this by also playing the Justice Monsters Five 10,000 Gil machine in Altissia but you need to get 80 chests for it. You can also obtain one of these as a reward after beating Lv.120 Aranea in training.

Anklet of the Gods

The anklet that gives the highest Vitality boost. Winning against Lv.99 Aranea in training will reward you with this accessory.

Hypno Crown

A must have if you are setting up a Magic build. You can find this inside the sealed dungeon of Costlemark Tower on floor 26 (middle path).

Tarot Card

Best accessory to increase your Spirit. You can find this inside the sealed dungeon of Crestholm Channels by chance on floor 14 (right path) and guaranteed on floor 18 (right path). One is also found inside the Costlemark Tower sealed dungeon on floor 54, also by chance.

Adamantite Bangle

The HP boost from this accessory really is ridiculous just like what the description says. This can only obtained as a hunt reward for defeating the Adamantoise.

Black Choker

If you love using Royal Arms, equip this accessory and it will almost negate their HP drain. You can obtain this as a reward from the Devils Cry Curses hunt in Cauthess Rest Area and another after reaching Hunter Rank 6.


An exclusive and one of the best accessories for Gladio. It works best for any of the members wearing chokers, especially the Black Choker. It is found on the northern part of the first large area of Myrlwood.


Bane of all status ailments. Even though the description says "almost all status ailments", it actually negates all status ailments. One is obtained as a reward from one of Sania's sidequest and another from the Dead General Strikes Down the King hunt on Lestallum. You can still obtain more by trading 40 Oracle Ascension Coins to Alessio in Altissia.

Magitek Suit V2

Probably THE best accessory in the game due to its huge boost on HP, Strength, and Vitality. It is obtained as a very rare drop from MA-X Angelus-0. Most of the time, MA-X Angelus-0 will drop the Magitek Suit instead which you can also use as a substitute for the V2 in the meantime.


If you are unsure of your build or what accessories to equip, you can always go with 2x Magitek Suit V2 and a Ribbon for each character.

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