All Broken Cars Sidequests

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This page lists all the available Broken Cars sidequests in the game Final Fantasy XV (FF15, FFXV). Read on for more information about the Broken Cars and the required items to complete the sidequests!

What are Broken Cars Sidequests?

In a Broken Car sidequest, the objective is to assist the stranded drivers by the roadside. Give them a Repair Kit to complete each sidequest. Make sure to have a stack of it to save time. But you can always buy one at Hammerhead's Mini-mart, as well as Mini-marts at all three Coernix Stations.

Items to prepare:

  • Repair Kit x 30

Location and Items for Broken Cars Sidequests

Name Location Required Item
Careless In A Car Leide Region Repair Kit (x1)
Stranded On The Sand Leide Region Repair Kit (x1)
Broken-Down Rest Area Longwythe Repair Kit (x1)
Waiting For Help Leide Region Repair Kit (x1)
One Tune-Up Too Many Leide Region Repair Kit (x1)
Wild Beasts On The Open Road Duscae Region Repair Kit (x1)
The Jolly Joyrider Duscae Region Repair Kit (x1)
I'm Late! Duscae Region Repair Kit (x1)
Tune-Up, Shmune-Up Duscae Region Repair Kit (x1)
Shoulda Been Serviced Duscae Region Repair Kit (x1)
That Brand-New Car Smell Duscae Region Repair Kit (x1)
The Perpetual Passenger Duscae Region Repair Kit (x1)
New To The Road Cleigne Region Repair Kit (x1)
Big Head Behind the Wheel? Tollhends Stronghold Repair Kit (x1)
Hurrying Home Duscae Region Repair Kit (x1)
Alone On The Road Cleigne Region Repair Kit (x1)
A Driver In Despair Cleigne Region Repair Kit (x1)
Vehicle Vexation Cleigne Region Repair Kit (x1)
Pedal to the Metal Cleigne Region Repair Kit (x1)
Oh My Grease-Monkey Goddess! Cleigne Region Repair Kit (x1)
My Beloved Chariot Cleigne Region Repair Kit (x1)

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