List of Best Weapons and How to Get Them

This is a page for the best weapons in Final Fantasy XV. Read on to learn more about the best weapons of each category and how to obtain them!

List of Best Weapons


Ultima Blade

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Ultima Blade
  • Attack: 364
  • MP: +40
  • Magic: +30
The ultimate sword crafted with Insomnian technology. It absorbs the elemental powers of defeated foes.

The Ultima Blade is the easiest to obtain among the best swords in FFXV. Its base form is the Engine Blade that you already have at the very beginning of the game and you will need to have Cid upgrade it until it becomes the Ultima Blade.

Gaze of the Vortex

The Gaze of the Vortex can be obtained from Y'hjimin's trading post in Perpetouss Keep. Its damage boost when doing aerial attacks, reduced MP cost on airsteps, guaranteed critical hits, and its raw attack easily make it one of the best swords in the game.


Balmung has the highest attack of all the swords in the game. When using it, it is best not to use too much MP as its damage decreases relative to the percentage of Max MP lost. It can be obtained in the Steyliff Grove at level 29.



Hyperion works wonders when fighting multiple enemies. Its damage increases for each additional enemy nearby and can reach up to double its base attack. Gladiolus will have this equipped at the beginning of Chapter 14 and you can also buy more at the weapon shop in the same chapter.

Pain of the Vortex

Pain of the Vortex is also obtainable from Y'hjimin's trading post in Perpetouss Keep. It also gives aerial combat bonuses and is guaranteed to critically hit on every strike.


Apocalypse is an endgame greatsword that boosts the attack of the wielder as his HP drops. You can find it in the sealed dungeon of Balouve Mines during Chapter 15.


Dragoon Lance

The Dragoon Lance is the third highest damaging polearm in the game which also gives elemental resistances. It can be obtained from one of Randolph's legendary weapons quests in Chapter 15.

Precision Lance

The Precision Lance is the second highest damaging polearm and its higher critical rate makes it deal even more. It can be obtained as a prize from the Totomostro minigame.


The Flayer is the highest damaging polearm in the game. Using it in combat changes your combo finisher into a more devastating attack. It can be obtained at the end of Steyliff Grove maze.



Vigilantes have a small chance of inflicting Stop on each hit which makes the enemy completely helpless for a few seconds. You can find these daggers inside the sealed dungeon of Greyshire Glacial Grotto.

Plumes of the Vortex

Plumes of the Vortex are also obtainable from Y'hjimin's trading post in Perpetouss Keep. Like most of the other "Vortex" weapons, these daggers also give enhanced aerial combat capabilities and 100% critical rate.

Zwill Crossblades

The strongest weapons in the entire game. Their high attack rating and quick attacks dish out a lot of damage. Combine these with their damage boost which takes effect when the wielder is at full HP, you will be taking out enemies one after another in seconds. These daggers are one of the rewards from Randolph's legendary weapons quests.



The Executioner deal more damage to isolated targets which makes it more useful on bosses that do not have pawns. It is obtained on one of the floors of Greyshire Glacial Grotto's sealed dungeon.

Death Penalty

Death Penalty has the highest attack of all the firearms in the game and has a small chance of inflicting Instant Death on each hit. The level 99 Melusine drops this weapon which can be fought on a sidequest given by a hunter in Meldacio Hunter HQ.

Abandon of the Vortex

Abandon of the Vortex breaks appendages easily, deals more damage on vulnerable targets, is guaranteed to critically hit, and gives various stat upgrades, making it one of the best, if not the best, firearm in the game. It is also obtained from Y'hjimin's trading post in Perpetouss Keep.


Wizard Shield

The Wizard Shield is the third strongest shield and can be found near the entrance of Rock of Ravatogh.


Ziedrich has the highest attack rating of all the shields. It greatly boosts Noctis's strength after blinking. Ziedrich is one of the weapons rewarded by Randolph in Chapter 15.

Aegis Shield

Aegis Shield is probably the best shield in the game despite having a lower attack than Ziedrich. It has a chance to completely negate damage. It can be found on the 59th level of Steyliff Grove's secret dungeon.


Gravity Well Plus

Gravity Well Plus unleashes a sphere that pulls enemies to it, making it easier to attack enemies by grouping them in one place. It is obtained by giving the Gravity Well (found in Aracheole Stronghold) to Cid together with a Hydraulic Cylinder.

Noiseblaster Plus

Noiseblaster Plus damages enemies in a wide area with shockwaves over a period of time. It is obtained by giving the Noiseblaster (found in Fort Vaullerey) to Cid together with a Magentron.

Drillbreaker Plus

Drillbreaker Plus is the highest damaging machinery. It is obtained by giving the Drillbreaker (found in Formouth Garrison) to Cid together with a Magitek Core.

Royal Arms

Scepter of the Pious

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Scepter of the Pious
  • Attack: 237
  • Magic: +150
  • Dark Resistance: 50%
A king ruled the realm according to divine law and worked hand in hand with the Oracle. This was his staff. It smites foes with a blade of light.

This Royal Arm's damage scales with both Magic and Attack rating, but is more inclined to Magic stat. The Scepter of the Pious is found in Malmalam Thicket.

Trident of the Oracle

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Trident of the Oracle
  • Attack: 388
  • MP: +60
A strong and noble woman was loved by the world. She granded succor to the stars and brought man and god together. This was the trident of her line. It makes allies of the wielder's holograms.

The Trident of the Oracle produces afterimages while attacking that also deal damage to enemies, increasing its total DPS. It is a storyline Royal Arm that is obtained at the end of Chapter 12.

Sword of the Father

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Sword of the Father
  • Attack: 141
  • Strength: +100
  • Magic: +100
A king was father to the Chosen One, and nurtured the light that would shine upon all creations. This was his mighty sword. It makes the great greater.

The Sword of the Father is the last storyline Royal Arm and is obtained during Chapter 13. Its huge boost on Strength and Magic makes it useful even when not being wielded. If used in combat, it also boosts Noctis's strength after doing a combo Finisher and drains his HP slower than any other Royal Arm.

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