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How to Download the Yuffie DLC and INTERmission

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This is a guide to downloading the Intergrade PS5 Upgrade for Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the Yuffie DLC. Learn how to download the game and the DLC from your PS5!

How to Download the Yuffie DLC

Download the PS5 Version

In order to download the INTERmission Yuffie DLC, you will first need to begin the upgrade to Intergrade, the PS5 version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. If you have not started the download, this DLC will not be obtainable, so be sure to download the upgrade to the PS5 version first of all.

It's possible to start the INTERmission download while Intergrade is still downloading, so go ahead and purchase INTERmission while waiting for the long download time.

How to Upgrade FF7 Remake to PS5 and Transfer Save Data

Purchase the Yuffie DLC from Add-ons

Step 1 Intermission Add-ons.jpeg1. Go to Add-ons
From the Final Fantasy 7 Remake menu on the PS5 main screen, scroll down to the bottom to the Add-ons section. You will see INTERmission listed as one of the options.
If for some reason INTERmission is not listed here, you can also search for it in the PlayStation Store for the same result.
Step 2 Intermission Yuffie Store Page.jpeg2. Purchase and download the DLC
You will be able to purchase the DLC from this page. Be sure to select Download while you are here, as otherwise you will need to return to this page to begin the game download.
Step 3 Intermission Yuffie Main Menu.jpeg3. Start the game!
One the INTERmission DLC has completed downloading, it will appear as an option from the Intergrade title screen. Simply press R2 to access the alternate Intermission title menu.

Purchase Screen Can Also Be Accessed In-Game

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It's also possible to jump to the Yuffie DLC from within the game's menu. Simply open the game and press △ to open a pop-up describing the INTERmission DLC, from which you can access the PlayStation Store.

However, you'll need to be playing on the same PlayStation account which purchased the game for this method to work. Otherwise, there will be no option to visit the purchase page, and the menu will simply instruct you to visit the PlayStation Store to find the game.

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