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This is a guide to Summons and how to use them in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Read on to learn more about the Summons in the game, their attacks, and how to invoke them to help you in battle!

How to Summon in Battle

Equip Summon Materia

Summon materia slot.jpg

The Summons that you can use in battle depends on what Summon materia you have equipped on your characters. Each character only has one slot for Summon materias, so equip those who you think will work best against your next opponents!

List of Summon Materia and How to Get Them

Fill Summon Gauge During Battle

Summon gauge.jpg

In the Remake, you cannot just invoke Summons at will. You will only be able to summon once the Summon Gauge is full.

The Summon Gauge usually appears when fighting against strong opponents like bosses and mini-bosses, or taking significant damage. Though in Easy difficulty, the Summon Gauge appears much more frequently.

Summon command.jpg

The player will need to wait until the Summon Gauge is completely filled after it appears. Once it is full, Summon command will now be available in the Commands Menu. You can only invoke one summon per battle so choose wisely.

Each summon has different required amount of ATB bars to be used before you can invoke them and only the members who have Summon materias equipped will be able to use them.

The player should also note that the area size where the fight is taking place also affects the availability of summons such as Leviathan not being able to be summoned in small areas.

Use Summon Abilities

Summon ability.jpg

Now that your Summon is active, it will act as a temporary party member and attack by itself. Summons do not have HP bars so you do not need to worry about them getting caught in enemy area attacks.

Like on other party members, you can also issue commands to your active summon by using Summon Ability, which will be available to all your party members regardless of who invoked the Summon.

Summon Abilities also consume a certain amount of ATB bars each use and have different effects like the usual commands.

Ultimate Attack

Summon gauge deplete.jpg

After you invoke a Summon, the Summon Gauge will start to drain. This indicates the duration of which the Summon will fight beside you.

Ultimate attack.jpg

Once it is completely depleted, your active Summon will execute its Ultimate Attack before it leaves the battle.

List of Summons



Role Ultimate Attack
Deals damage Hellfire
Required ATB Gauge Element Size
1 Fire Medium

How to Get the Ifrit Materia

Chocobo & Moogle

Chocobo & moogle.jpg

Role Ultimate Attack
Deals damage Stampede
Required ATB Gauge Element Size
1 Wind Medium

How to Get the Chocobo & Moogle Materia



Role Ultimate Attack
Deals damage Diamond Dust
Required ATB Gauge Element Size
1 Ice Medium

How to Get the Shiva Materia

Fat Chocobo

Fat chocobo.jpg

Role Ultimate Attack
Deals damage Kerplunk
Required ATB Gauge Element Size
2 None Medium

How to Get the Fat Chocobo Materia



Role Ultimate Attack
Deals damage Tidal Wave
Required ATB Gauge Element Size
2 None Large

How to Get the Leviathan Materia



Role Ultimate Attack
Deals damage Megaflare
Required ATB Gauge Element Size
2 None Large

How to Get the Bahamut Materia



Role Ultimate Attack
Heals / Supports Diamond Dazzle
Required ATB Gauge Element Size
1 None Small

How to Get the Carbuncle Materia



Role Ultimate Attack
Deals fixed damage 10,000 Needles?
Required ATB Gauge Element Size
1 None Small

How to Get the Cactuar Materia

Chocobo Chick

Chocobo Chick.jpg

Role Ultimate Attack
Deals damage Chocoflare
Required ATB Gauge Element Size
1 Fire / Ice / Lightning / Wind Small

How to Get the Chocobo Chick Materia

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