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Inside the Ventilation Fan Discovery Guide | Chocobo & Moogle Summon Materia Location

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This is a guide to the Chapter 6 Discovery: Inside the Ventilation Fan Discovery in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). This guide will walk you through how to unlock this quest, as well as where to find the Chocobo & Moogle Summon Materia.

How to the Unlock Inside the Ventilation Fan Discovery

Quest Location and Rewards

Quest Name Ventilation Fan
Time / Location Chapter 6
Triggers when passing in front of the Ventillation Fans
Reward Chocobo & Moogle Summon Materia

Chapter 6: Light the Way Story Guide & Walkthrough

Chocobo & Moogle Summon Materia Location


1 Pass by the huge Ventilation Fan in Chapter 6.
Using the elevator to the right side of the main console to move toward the wall.
3 Use the console to turn the fans off.
4 Defeat all of the enemies in the next room within one minute, then use the console to open the door.
5 Enter the ventilation fan and pick up the red materia here.


Get to the console within a minute

Queen Grashtrike.jpg
After using the first console, a timer for one minute will begin, and you will need to interact with the console in the next room within a minute of doing so. There will be a Queen Grashtrike and two Sentry Rays here, so you'll have to take them out first.

Enemy Name Weakness
Queen Grashtrike Ice
Sentry Ray Lightning

You can try again if you fail

Even if you don't defeat all of the enemies within the first go, you can try again as many times as needed, and the enemy difficulty will even become slightly easier.

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