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How to Beat Jenova Dreamweaver | Boss Fight Guide (Normal & Hard)

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This is a guide to beating the Boss Jenova Dreamweaver in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). This article explains Jenova Dreamweaver's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them on both Normal & Hard Mode.

Jenova Dreamweaver Stats and Information

Basic Information

Jenova Dreamweaver
Jenova Dreamweaver Enemy Icon
Species Movement Type
Unreadable Grounded Boss


A top secret Shinra experimental speciment. Information on it is scarce, but it is believed to induce hallucinations.

Assess (Tips)

Once its health falls below a certain level, its stagger gauge cannot be filled.

Jenova Dreamweaver Stats

Easy Normal Hard
HP 43085 78336 113184
Attack 198 328
Magic Attack 198 328
Defense 233 342
Magic Defense 233 342

Jenova Dreamweaver Weaknesses & Resistances

Weakness / Status Ailments -
Lesser Resistances Sleep, Magic
Greater Resistances -
Immunities Slow, Stop, Proportional Damage
Absorbed Elements -

Stagger Rates

×1 ×1 ×1 ×1
×1 ×1 ×1 -

Stagger Length

Stagger Length 10 seconds


Easy/Normal Hard
Gil 1300 2250
AP 10 30
Exp 1300 4500
Items Dropped Astral Cuff (100%)
Rare Items Dropped -
Steal -

Learnable Enemy Skills

No Enemy Skills can be learned from Jenova Dreamweaver.

List of Enemy Skills

Jenova Dreamweaver Boss Fight Guide

Jenova Dreamweaver Abilities and Attack Patterns

Name Element Blockable? Knockdown? Status
magical.pngSpace-Time Vortex
- No No
stop.png (5 sec)
Creates black pools on the ground that follow the party and cause Stop if touched.
Phase 1.jpg Phase 2.jpg
fire.png Yes No -
Casts Fira.
Phase 1.jpg Phase 2.jpg
wind.png Yes No -
Casts Aero.
Phase 1.jpg Phase 2.jpg
- Yes No
poison.png (180 sec)
Casts Bio.
physical.pngTail Swipe
Phase 1.jpg Phase 2.jpg Phase 4.jpg
- Yes No -
Hits a target with her tail.
physical.pngTentacle Flail
Phase 1.jpg Phase 2.jpg Phase 4.jpg
- Yes No -
Swings her tentacles around at targets.
Phase 1.jpg Phase 2.jpg Phase 4.jpg
- No Yes -
Grabs an ally with one of her tentacles, binding them, and constricts them absorbing their HP. Once Jenova has healed 1% of her max HP (2% on Hard mode), she will throw them to the ground. Will release her target if 1% of her max HP is dealt in damage, hit with 2 abilities, or hit by a Limit Break.
magical.pngHoming Missile
Phase 1.jpg Phase 2.jpg Phase 4.jpg
- Yes No -
Sends a projectile from above her head that will chase down its target.
physical.pngCast Aside
Phase 1.jpg Phase 2.jpg Phase 4.jpg
- Yes Yes -
Smoke will appear from under Jenova followed by a shockwave that knocks anyone close away.
magical.pngMourning Wail
Phase 1.jpg Phase 2.jpg Phase 4.jpg
- No No -
Screams and creates gusts of wind around her.
Phase 1.jpg Phase 2.jpg Phase 4.jpg
- - - -
Regrows her tentacles.
Phase 2.jpg Phase 3.jpg Phase 4.jpg
- - -
Casts Reflect on herself.
Phase 2.jpg Phase 4.jpg
- - -
shield.png ( sec)
Casts Shield on herself.
Phase 2.jpg Phase 3.jpg Phase 4.jpg
- Yes Yes -
Creates a large beam of light that crashes down in a large area. Often comes after using Rejection.
Thanatos Denied
Phase 3.jpg
- - - -
Covers herself with her tentacles, protecting her from all damage.
Dreams of Quietude
Phase 3.jpg Phase 4.jpg
- - - -
Has a tentacle use Quietude.
Dreams of Flame
Phase 3.jpg
- - - -
Has a tentacle cast Fira.
Dreams of Vengeance
Phase 3.jpg Phase 4.jpg
- - - -
Has a tentacle use Vengeance.
Phase 4.jpg
fire.png Yes No -
Casts Firaga
Phase 4.jpg
wind.png Yes No -
Casts Aeroga
Phase 4.jpg
- Yes No
poison.png (240 sec)
Casts Bioga.
magical.pngDreams of Sanctuary
Phase 4.jpg
- No No
barrier.png (20 sec)
Casts Barrier on herself and her tentacles.
magical.pngDreams of Spirituality
Phase 4.jpg
- No No
manaward.png (20 sec)
Casts Manaward on herself and her tentacles
- Yes Yes -
Charges for 1 second and releases a black beam at a target.
- Yes No
silence.png (15 sec)
Shoots red orbs that home in on targets causing Silence if touched.
magical.pngBlack Rain
Phase 4.jpg
- No No -
Makes MP draining rain pour down on the battlefield. If Jenova is hit by the rain, she will recover HP.

*Status Effects and Ailments Guide

Best Characters for This Boss

Available Characters

Cloud IconCloud Tifa IconTifa Aerith IconAerith

Recommended Characters

Tifa is invaluable for this fight due to her ability to dish out repeated attacks. Her flurries of hits will allow her to take down Tentacles quickly, and she can stack up high damage fast on Jenova as well, both with her standard attacks and Abilities. Using Rise and Fall can take out the tentacles faster and easier. This becomes available by increasing your chi level using Unbridled Strength or Concentration upgrades from her weapons. It would also be an advantage if you unlocked Unbridled Strength upgrades which increase her damage output while this ability is active.

Aerith, on the other hand, plays a reduced role in this battle due to Jenova's resistance to Magic and tendency to set up Reflect on itself. Prepare Aerith with useful support Materia like Healing Materia, Time Materia, and Binding Materia to put her MP to good use.

Jenova Dreamweaver Attack Phases

Phase 1

Phase Point Summary
1 Appears with Left and Right Tentacles active. It does not move, but will use all its Abilties and Magic and attacks with its tentacles.

Phase 2

Phase Point Summary
1 Jenova will summon a group of 21 Tentacles out of the floor. It will become immune to all attacks until these Tentacles are defeated.

Phase 3

Phase Point Summary
1 The Tentacles will spawn out of the floor again, and Jenova will become immune to attacks until they are defeated.

Hit the Tentacles when they appear

When Jenova Dreamweaver summons the tentacles, it will be immune to all other damage. Don't waste your attacks on it – wipe out all the tentacles first, and it will be vulnerable again.

Tips & Strategies for Beating Jenova Dreamweaver

Strategy Checklist
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Avoid Magic Attacks


Fira dealing only 398 damage.

Jenova Dreamweaver has a Lesser Resistance to Magic attacks. Even if you use powerful Spells like Firaga and Thundaga, you're unlikely to crack 1,000 damage with one attack. Stick to using melee attacks to deal damage, and save your MP for Healing spells and Support Magic like Haste and Silence, or for using Magic attacks when it has a Barrier up.

Check its Shield and Reflect


Jenova Dreamweaver will use Abilities to increase its Physical Defense and Magic Defense, but it won't have both up at a time. When it boosts its Magic Defense, keep on hammering away with melee attacks, and when it boosts its Physical Defense, either switch to Magic Attacks or pull back and play defensively.

Cripple the Left and Right Tentacles, and Silence the Body


Jenova Dreamweaver uses a combination of Abilities, Spells, and physical attacks with its Left and Right Tentacles. If you manage to both cripple the Left and Right Tentacles and to Silence it simultaneously, Jenova will be left largely unable to attack. At this point, you'll be able to unleash a flurry of melee attacks on it without having to worry about getting knocked away by the Tentacles. Crippling the Tentacles will also allow you to more quickly stagger Jenova.

Tentacles are Weak to Physical attacks


Each time Jenova summons Tentacles out of the floor, you'll have to handle them first before you can go back to fighting it. The Tentacles will take extra damage from physical attacks, and because Tifa can dish out attacks quickly, it's best to switch her in to handle the tentacles.

Alternately, using a Summon with an attack which can hit multiple targets at once can get rid of all the tentacles in a flash.

Don't Stand in the Black Puddles

Throughout the fight your characters will be chased by black puddles that Jenova summons. If you stand in these you will be immediately inflicted with Stop for a period of time, making you unable to do anything. Avoid them as much as possible.

Stay Away When it Uses Rejection

Starting in Phase 2, Jenova will occasionally cast Rejection, casting Reflect on itself and unleashing a laser attack that can deal around 2200 damage on normal mode. When you see Rejection pop up above Jenova's head, avoid her until the cast is complete.

Jenova Dreamweaver: Hard Mode Guide

Strategy Checklist
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Avoid the Black Rain

Getting hit by the black rain will drain your MP. As you cannot restore MP with items on Hard Mode, getting hit by this too much will make your next fight with Rufus more difficult, so do your best to avoid it.

Keep Away When Jenova is Pressured

When Jenova Dreamweaver goes into the pressured status, there are times when it will use Rejection. Rejection was hard hitting on Normal Mode so it goes without saying you should avoid this on Hard as well. If you see it begin to prepare this attack, get back!

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