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This is an explanation and list of the different types of Materia appearing in the game FF7 Remake. To master the battle system of FF7 Remake, you'll need to get a hang on using each of the 5 kinds of Materia, including Magic Materia, Command Materia, Support Materia, Independent Materia, and Summon Materia. Read on to learn about the properties of each type of Materia and the list of Materia found for each.

What are Materia?

Magic Materia.pngMagic Command Materia.pngCommand Independent Materia.pngIndependent Support Materia.pngSupport Summon Materia.pngSummon

Materia are items which power up characters, allow them to cast spells, give extra properties to their attacks, and more. The kinds of Materia found in FF7 Remake are:

  • Magic Materia
  • Command Materia
  • Support Materia
  • Independent Materia
  • Summon Materia

A character can gain the effects of a Materia as long as it is equipped in a Materia slot of one of their Weapons or Armor. Once the Materia is removed, the character will lose its effects.

Magic Materia

Magic Materias.png

Magic Materia resemble the Green Materia pictured above. These Materia allow characters to use Magic spells, such as Fire, Thunder, and so on. After leveling these Materia up, they will allow players to use stronger versions of the same spells, such as Fira and Thundara, in exchange for higher MP costs.

Unlike other Final Fantasy games where characters learn Magic by leveling up, characters in FF7 Remake can only use a given spell when they have the appropriate Magic Materia equipped.

As Magic has elemental effects, they can be used to greater effect against enemies and bosses with weaknesses to the given element. Be sure to check a foe's elemental weaknesses when equipping Magic Materia in preparation for a big fight.

List of Magic Materia and How to Get Them

Command Materia

Command Materias.png

Command Materia are Yellow Materia as in the picture above. These Materia add extra commands to a character's list of options during a battle, including commands such as Steal, Morph, and so on.

Command Materia can have a variety of effects ranging from allowing players to steal Items from foes, to allowing them to cast two Magic spells in one turn, so be sure to evaluate on Command Materia on a case-by-case basis.

List of Command Materia and How to Get Them

Support Materia

Support Materias.png

Support Materia are Blue Materia, as pictured above. Support Materia are used in a set with another Materia, such as a Magic Materia or a Command Materia, to enhance its effects. Support Materia includes effects such as All, which allows the paired Materia to be used on all foes or all allies at once.

Unlike other Materia, it cannot be placed in an arbitrary position, but must be used in a Pair Slot with the Materia it will be used together with.

List of Support Materia and How to Get Them

Independent Materia

Independent Materias.png

Independent Materia, like the picture above, are Purple Materia. Independent Materia have effects which power up characters without needing to be paired with another Materia as Support Materia are. Independent Materia include boosts such as HP Up, which increases a character's max HP, and Mega All, which allows all Magic commands to be used against all foes or all allies at once.

List of Independent Materia and How to Get Them

Summon Materia

Summon Materias.png

Summon Materia are Red Materia, as seen above, and are the rarest kind of Materia. These Materia allow characters to summon powerful beasts such as Bahamut and Ifrit to join the battle and aid the party.

List of Summon Materia and How to Get Them

List of Materia

List of Magic Materia

List of Magic Materia and How to Get Them

List of Magic Materia
Barrier Materia Comet Materia Contain Materia Destruct Materia
Earth Materia Exit Materia Fire Materia Full Cure Materia
Gravity Materia Heal Materia Ice Materia Lightning Materia
Master Magic Materia Mystify Materia Poison Materia Restore Materia
Revive Materia Seal Materia Shield Materia Time Materia
Transform Materia Ultima Materia

List of Command Materia

List of Command Materia and How to Get Them

List of Command Materia
Deathblow Materia Double Cut Materia Enemy Skill Materia Manipulate Materia
Master Command Materia Mime Materia Morph Materia Sense Materia
Slash All Materia Steal Materia Throw Materia W Item Materia
W Magic Materia W Summon Materia

List of Support Materia

List of Support Materia and How to Get Them

List of Command Materia
Added Cut Materia Added Effect Materia ALL Materia Counter Materia
Elemental Materia Final Attack Materia HP Absorb Materia Magic Counter Materia
MP Absorb Materia MP Turbo Materia Quadra Magic Materia Sneak Attack Materia
Steal as Well Materia

List of Independent Materia

List of Independent Materia and How to Get Them

List of Command Materia
Chocobo Lure Materia Counter Attack Materia Cover Materia Enemy Away Materia
Enemy Lure Materia Experience Plus Materia Gil Plus Materia HPMP Materia
HP Plus Materia Long Range Materia Luck Plus Materia Magic Plus Materia
Mega All Materia MP Plus Materia Pre-Emptive Materia Speed Plus Materia
Underwater Materia

List of Summon Materia

List of Summon Materia and How to Get Them

List of Command Materia
Alexander Materia Bahamut Materia Bahamut ZERO Materia Choco/Mog Materia
Hades Materia Ifrit Materia Kjata Materia Knights of the Round Materia
Leviathan Materia Master Summon Materia Neo Bahamut Materia Odin Materia
Phoenix Materia Ramuh Materia Shiva Materia Titan Materia
Typhoon Materia

This list is under construction – check back after the release of FF7 Remake for further details, and if you have any new information to share, be sure to post in the comments!

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