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The Language of Flowers Discovery Guide | Location and How to Unlock

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This is a guide to the Chapter 8 Discovery Quest: The Language of Flowers in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). This guide will walk you through how to unlock this quest, how to trigger the cutscene with Aerith, as well as where you can find the MP Up Materia.

How to Unlock The Language of the Flowers (Discovery)

Quest Location and Rewards

Quest Name The Language of the Flowers
NPC Aerith
Time / Location Chapter 8
Sector 5 Slums - Outside Aerith's House
Reward ・None (MP Up Materia and Cutscene)

Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard Story Guide & Walkthrough

The Language of Flowers Discovery Guide


1 After the battle with Rude head toward Aerith's house.
2 After Aerith's dialogue, follow Aerith.
3 After following Aerith to the flowers, speak with her.


Don't forget to pick up the materia in the back

MP UP.jpg

You'll spot a Purple MP Up Materia on the ground after the cutscene with Aerith. You'll be able to see it clearly during the cutscene, so when it ends, be sure to go and grab it.

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Chapter 8

Quest Reward
1 Mysterious Moogle.pngThe Mysterious Moogle Merchant Access to the Moogle Emporium
2 Kids on Patrol.pngKids on Patrol Nail Bat
3 Weapons on a Rampage.pngWeapons on a Rampage Protective Boots
4 A Verified Hero.pngA Verified Hero Elixir
5 The Angel of the Slums.pngThe Angel of the Slum 2,000 Gill
6 Paying Respects.pngPaying Respects Studded Bracer

Disovery Quests

Quest Name Reward
The Gate Won't Open ・Shortcut through path
The Language of Flowers ・Cutscene
MP Up Materia

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