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List of Magic Materia and How to Get Them

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This is a list of all Magic Materia and how to get them in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Learn how to get Materia for essential Magic like Fire and Blizzard, and how to use them, with more details on each page.

List of Magic Materia

Materia Effect How to Obtain
Barrier Allows you to use defensive spells. Purchase from Wall Market
Purchase from a shop
Binding Allows you to use disruptive spells. Purchase from a shop
Cleansing Allows you to use curative spells. Purchase from a shop as early as Chapter 3.
Fire Allows you to use fire magic. Equipped to Cloud from the start
Healing Allows you to use healing spells. Get from Jessie
Ice Allows you to use ice magic. Cave outside of the slums
Lightning Allows you to use lightning magic. Equipped to Barret
Purchase from a shop
Poison Allows you to use toxin-related spells. Purchase from a shop
Revival Allows you to use revival Spells. Pick up on the Sector 7 Plate Edge in Chapter 4
・Purchase from a shop (Chapter 8, Chapter 9)
Subversion Allows you to use subversive spells. Dropped by Ghoul when defeated.
Time Allows you to use time magic Complete the Odd Job: Missing Children (Chapter 14)
Wind Allows you to use wind magic. Complete Battle Intel Report 02 (Hit enemies vulnerable to fire, ice, or lightning using the appropriate magic (1 for each element)) and buy from Chadley for 100 gil.

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List of Materia

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Headband Grant's immunity that's all I know

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Binding Is sleep, Silence and Berserk


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