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This page contains information on all items in the game FF7 Remake, and how to obtain them. Read on to learn where each item is located and the effects of each item.

List of All Items

Recovery Items

Recovery Items are used on your teammates to restore HP, MP and recover from negative status effects.

Item Effect
Turbo Ether Fully restores MP.
Smelling Salts Wakes someone up.
Sedative Quells one's fury.
Remedy Cures all ailments.
Potion Restores 350 HP.
Phoenix Down Revives and restores a small amount of HP.
Mega-Potion Restores 1500 HP.
Maiden's Kiss Removes toad-related curses.
Hi-Potion Restores 700 HP.
Ether Restores 20 MP.
Elixir Fully restores HP and MP.
Echo Mist Cures silence.
Antidote Cures poison.
Adrenaline Rouses one from a stupor.

Battle Items

Battle Items are used during combat to deal damage or inflict a negative status effect on an enemy.

Item Effect
Spiderweb Slows nearby enemies within range.
Orb of Gravity Reduces HP of enemies within range by 25%. Ineffective against powerful enemies.
Mr. Cuddlesworth A cute stuffed animal. Also an explosive.
Molotov Cocktail Deals 90 fire damage to enemies within range multiple times.
Hazardous Material Poisons and deals 50 physical damage to enemies within range.
Grenade Deals 200 physical damage to enemies within range.
Fuzzy Wuzzy A cute stuffed animal. Also an explosive.
Celeris Hastens whoever drinks it.
Big Bomber Deals 500 physical damage to enemies within range.


Manuscripts are collectable items used to raise your characters' SP. Learn where to find each of them in our guide below.
List of Manuscripts and Locations

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