Chapter 14: A King Without a Kingdom Walkthrough | Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H)

This is the walkthrough for the fourteenth chapter of the Church of Seiros route in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FETH, FE3H). Read on to find out the best way to use your time in the Monastery, how to win in battle, and which dialogue options to choose!

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Chapter 13: Reunion at Dawn Chapter 15: Valley of Torment

Chapter 14 - A King Without a Kingdom

Beginning the Counter Attacks

During your long slumber, the empire continues their tyranny and reign. Their army happens upon Garreg Mach and the professor must lead his/her students to battle once again.


Fire Emblem Chapter 14 CalendarEnlarge

Date Event
1/4 Morale Meals
1/11 Saint Seiros Day
Rare Monster Sighting
1/15 Hapi's Birthday (DLC)
1/18 Sweet Tooth Week
1/25 Rare Monster Sighting
Blessing of the Land
1/31 Chapter Mission: Protecting Garreg Mach

Free Time

Side Quests

Side Quests
A Piece of History
Supply Run
Fishing for the Big One
Dealing with Deserters
Pirates in the North
Thieves at the Throat (DLC)

Chapter Objectives

1 Take all the available quests
note Refer to the Map or the Bulletin Board to check quest availability.
2 Head to the cathedral to find the item needed for the quest “A Piece of History”
4 Return to the Marketplace to complete the quest.
5 Head to the Fishing Pond then use the rarest fishing baits you have if you wish to have a chance at the rare Fodlan.
6 Head to Seteth's location and give the Verona and Noa fruit. These items can be obtained by planting and harvesting in the Green House.
7 Spend your activity points then end the day.

Lost Items

Item Location Owner
Rare Item Index* Cathedral Anna

*DLC only, available through the Expansion Pass.

Optional Supports

Balthus* I'm counting on you.
Bernadetta Hear what?
Catherine That’s fine.
Constance* It would help me a lot.
Felix Let’s forge ahead.
Ferdinand We'll find out soon enough.
Hanneman We can talk about that
Hapi* Sorry to keep you waiting.
Seteth We'll do whatever it takes.
Yuri* I'm happy you came.

*DLC only, available through the Expansion Pass.

Chapter 14 Misson: Protecting Garreg Mach

A battle that requires proper segementation of units. An overwhelming battle that will most likely end in defeat if not played properly. For more information about the battle, see the link below.

Chapter 14: Protecting Garreg Mach

Chapter 14 - After the Battle

There are no support boosts available after the battle. Steel yourself and prepare for the next chapter.

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