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Stellar Blade is an action-adventure from Shift Up, described by many as hack-and-slash game with Souls-like elements! Read on for Stellar Blade News, as well as guides on all missions, combat tips and tricks, enemies and boss guides, and more!

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Enemies and Bosses Items Exteriors
Exospines Gear Skills
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Stellar Blade Story Walkthrough

Stellar Blade - Story Walkthrough.png

Story Walkthrough

All Mission Types

Main Missions Side Quests Bulletin Board Requests

All Main Missions

All Main Missions
7th Airborne Squad.png7th Airborne Squad Stellar Blade - Scavenger Adam Mission Guide and Objectives.pngScavenger Adam
Xion, the Last Remaining City.pngXion, The Last Remaining City Stellar Blade - Altess Levoire Mission GuideAltess Levoire
Stellar Blade - Light of Hope Mission GuideLight of Hope Stellar Blade - Alpha Signal Mission Guide.pngAlpha Signal
Stellar Blade - Hidden Truth Mission GuideHidden Truth Stellar Blade - Abyss Levoire Mission GuideAbyss Levoire
Stellar Blade - OrcalOrcal's Testimony Stellar Blade - Secret Garden Mission GuideSecret Garden
Stellar Blade - Eye of the Hurricane Mission GuideEye of the Hurricane Stellar Blade - Burning Xion Mission GuideBurning Xion
Stellar Blade - Last Fragment Mission GuideLast Fragment Stellar Blade - Selection of Species Mission GuideSelection of Species
Stellar Blade - EVE Protocol Mission GuideEVE Protocol -

Endings and Post Game Guides

Endings and Post Game
All Endings Post Game New Game+

All Side Quests

List of Side Missions
The Scavenger's Story Urgent Information Looking at You
First Customer Life of the Scavengers Angel of Death
Stolen Treasure The Words of Mother Sphere Oblivion
Taboo An Unknown Present Keeping Secrets
A Treasure with a Name Memories in the Doll An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth
The King of the Tunnel Encounter An Offer You Can't Refuse
I Won't Forget You Lost Ark A United People Cannot be Defeated
Let There Be Light Again Madame Machine Stubbornness
Barry and Wine Barry in Trouble Reboot
Plan to Clean the Earth CNL - Communicate and Link Incarceration
Reboot!!! Fallen Angel Looking Glass
Siren's Song End of the Nightmare

All Bulletin Board Requests

List of Bulletin Board Requests
Sleeping Beauty Find the Cat Looking for My Brother
Simple Puzzle Missing Husband Wisdom Puzzle
Time for Revenge Secret Request Generous Drop Pod
Legion's Secret Stash Missing Wife Lost Device
Source of the Nightmare Recruit Passcode Specialists Valuable Cargo
The Diary's Revenge Where's the Item Lurker Hunt
Precious Hunter The Last Wine Wife's Water Tank
Unforgettable Fish Dish Fish Research A Gift for a Fishing Maniac
Where is the Fantastic Bait The Fish of Legends

Stellar Blade Tips and Tricks

Stellar Blade - Tips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks

All Tips and Tricks

Tips, Tricks and Beginner's Guides
How to Save the Game What Happens When You Die?
Best Settings to Use How to Heal
All Fast Travel Locations Is There A Map?
Early Game Stage Guide How to Scan
Demo Glitch All Supply Camp Features
How to Craft Nano Suits Body Core Locations
Trophy Guide All Difficulty Settings
New Game Plus Outfits and Features How to Farm SP Fast
How to Farm Gold Fast Hard Mode
How to Increase Lily's Affinity Missables and Points of No Return
Stellar Blade Tachy Mode How to Unlock a Gun
Aaron's Locker Location Mind Map Copy Locations
100% Completion Guide All Secret Areas
Language Settings List of Controls

Stellar Blade Combat and Combos

Stellar Blade - Combat Tips and Combos
Combat Tips and Combos

All Combat Tips and Combos

Combat and Combo Guides
How to Perfect Dodge How to Parry and Posture System
How to Sprint Best Exospines to Equip
Shield Effect and How to Break Best Combos
How to Repulse How to Blink
How to Use Ranged Attacks EVE Best Builds

Stellar Blade Enemies and Bosses

Stellar Blade - Enemy Naytibas

All Enemy Naytiba

Enemy Naytiba Types

All Naytiba Types
Naytiba Minions Naytiba Warriors
Elite Naytiba Alpha Naytiba
Elder Naytiba Miscellaneous

Enemy Combat Guides

Enemy Guides
List of Bosses

Stellar Blade Items

Stellar Blade - Items Banner

List of Items

All Item Types

All Item Types
Important Items Usable Items
Materials Ammo
Miscellaneous -

Item-Related Guides

Item Guides
Best Drone Upgrades Body Core Locations
Cores Explained and All Locations Best Items Tier List
All Omnibolt Locations Beta Core Locations
Drone Upgrade Module Locations All Tumbler Expansion Module Locations
All Design Pattern Locations -

Stellar Blade Exteriors

Stellar Blade - Exteriors

List of All Outfits (Exterior)

All Exterior Types

All Exterior Types
Nano Suits Face Decorations
Earrings Drone Appearances
Lily's Clothes Adam's Clothes

Stellar Blade Exospines

Stellar Blade - Exospines Partial Banner

All Exospines

List of Exospines

Stellar Blade -  Chain-Type Exospine
Chain-Type Exospine
Stellar Blade -  Protection-Type Exospine
Protection-Type Exospine
Stellar Blade -  Reflex-Type Exospine
Reflex-Type Exospine
Stellar Blade -  Grenadier-Type Exospine
Grenadier-Type Exospine
Stellar Blade -  Recovery-Type Exospine
Recovery-Type Exospine
Stellar Blade -  Judgement-Type Exospine
Judgement-Type Exospine
Stellar Blade -  Suppression-Type Exospine
Suppression-Type Exospine
Stellar Blade -  Beta Trance-Type Exospine
Beta Trance-Type Exospine
Stellar Blade -  Burst Trance-Type Exospine
Burst Trance-Type Exospine
Stellar Blade -  Eagle Eye-Type Exospine
Eagle Eye-Type Exospine
Stellar Blade -  Camouflage-Type Exospine
Camouflage-Type Exospine
Stellar Blade -  Impact-Type Exospine
Impact-Type Exospine

Stellar Blade Gear

Stellar Blade - Gears Partial Banner

List of All Gear

Stellar Blade Skills

Stellar Blade - Skills

List of All Skills

Stellar Blade Collectibles

Stellar Blade - Collectibles Partial Banner

List of Collectibles

All Collectible Types

Collectible Data Bank Types
Memorysticks Documents
Passcodes Cans

Stellar Blade Maps and Locations

Stellar Blade - Maps and Locations
All Map and Locations Page

All Regions

Eidos 7 Xion City Wasteland
Altess Levoire Matrix 11 Great Desert
Abyss Levoire Eidos 9 Spire 4

Stellar Blade Characters

All Stellar Blade Characters

Stellar Blade - List of All Characters Partial Banner

List of All Characters

List of All Characters

List of Main Characters
EveEve AdamAdam LilyLily
Other Characters
TachyTachy OrchalOrcal Stellar Blade - RavenRaven

Stellar Blade Puzzles

Stellar Blade - Puzzles.png
List of All Puzzles

Eidos 7 Puzzles

All Eidos 7 Puzzles
Monorail Puzzle Clocktower Puzzle
Train Passcode -

Steller Blade Hairstyles

Stellar Blade - Hairstyles

All Hairstyles and How to Change

Stellar Blade Fishing

Stellar Blade - Fishing

Stellar Blade Fishing Guide

All Fishing Guides

Fishing Guides
All Fishing Spot Locations Fishing Bait List
How to Get Fantastic Bait List of All Fish and Locations

Stellar Blade Shops

Stellar Blade - Items Banner

All Shop Locations and Items

List of All Shops

Kaya's Shop Roxanne's Shop D1G-g2r's Shop
Lyle's Shop Clyde's Shop

Stellar Blade News

Latest News and Updates

Latest News for Stellar Blade

News and Game Info

Stellar Blade News and Updates
Release Time and Countdown All Pre-Order Bonuses
Demo Guide Stellar Blade Digital Deluxe Edition Items: How to Unlock
All Available Platforms All Trailers
How Long to Beat the Game Does the Demo Save Carry Over?
Day 1 Patch Is Stellar Blade a Souls-Like Game?
List of Voice Actors Boss Rush Mode Potentially Coming

About Stellar Blade

Product Information and Official Site

Stellar Blade
Stellar Blade - Key Art
Release Date April 26, 2024
Developer Shift Up
Price 69.99 USD (Standard Edition)

79.99 USD (Deluxe Edition)
Playstation Plus Eligible? No
Genre Action-Adventure, Souls-Like
Platforms PS5
Website Official Website
Twitter Official Twitter Account

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