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Do you want to farm for Emeralds and Experience in Minecraft Dungeons without having to grind hundreds of missions for hours? The AFK farming trick can do just that. With our guide on AFK farming below, you can learn what AFK farming is, the setup for the trick, and where to do it!

What is AFK Farming?

Easiest Way to Farm Emeralds and Experience

The AFK farming trick is the easiest way for you to gain tons of Emeralds and Experience without having to move a finger. All you need is the right equipment, Enchantments, mission, and location, and you can leave your PC or console for some time or even overnight and reap the rewards the next day!

Note: This is not to farm Unique gear directly, but will give you the Emeralds needed for you to farm it at the Blacksmith.

AFK Farm Setup


MercenaryArmor Cropped.png

The best armor for this setup are the ones that give you a lot of damage reduction and survivability. Any armor with 35% damage reduction is a good choice.

Recommended Armor

Name Effects
Highland Armor ImageHighland Armor Gains Speed after Dodge
35% damage reduction
+30% melee damage
Mercenary Armor ImageMercenary Armor 35% damage reduction
+25% weapon damage boost aura
Scale Mail ImageScale Mail 35% damage reduction
+30% melee damage
Wither Armor ImageWither Armor 35% damage reduction
+100% souls gathered
6% life steal aura
Reinforced Mail ImageReinforced Mail 35% damage reduction
30% chance to negate hits
100% longer roll cooldown
Full Metal Armor ImageFull Metal Armor +30% melee damage
30% chance to negate hits
35% damage reduction
100% longer roll cooldown
Dark Armor ImageDark Armor +100% souls gathered
35% damage reduction
TitanTitan's Shroud +20% weapon damage boost aura
+100% souls gathered
35% damage reduction
Shadow Walker ImageShadow Walker Brief invulnerability when rolling
50% faster roll
35% damage reduction
Ocelot Armor ImageOcelot Armor 50% faster roll
35% damage reduction

List of Armor


Final Shout.jpg

There are 2 Armor Enchantments that are recommended to have for this trick, Thorns and Final Shout.


Thorns is not needed for this trick to work, but will be a huge help to it. While you are away and the mobs start attacking you, you can deal damage and even defeat them just by getting attacked. This will help with the farming.

Final Shout

Final Shout is one of the core requirements for this trick. This will activate all your Artifacts when you reach low health ignoring cooldowns. This will make sure you stay alive and you have your pets to continue attacking.

List of Enchantments


Totem of Regeneration (1).jpg

You will need 3 specific Artifacts for this trick to work. You will need a Tasty Bone, Wonderful Wheat and Totem of Regeneration. These Artifacts are necessary for the trick to work.

Tasty Bone and Wonderful Wheat

These Artifacts are needed to summon pets that will be doing most of the damage while you are away from the game. The wolf and the llama are going to be fighting mobs and farm the Emeralds.

Totem of Regeneration

This Artifact will ensure you are alive while your pets farm. With Final Shout you will always activate this and get your health back up without you needing to do anything. Perfect for the AFK farm trick.

List of All Artifacts

How to AFK Farm

Head to Pumpkin Pastures

Bridge Location.jpg

For this trick to work you will need to head to Pumpkin Pastures, its important to choose this mission due to it having the best spot for this trick to work. You will also need to choose the right mission difficulty for it to work.

Mission Difficulty

Choosing the right mission difficulty is important for this trick. You will need to choose a difficult lower than the recommended difficulty, this will make sure that you will stay alive while you are AFK farming. A good place to start is 2-3 difficulty below the recommended.

This is the reason why this trick is not good for Unique farming immediately, but with the Emeralds, you get you can farm them at the Blacksmith.

Difficulty Bar


The trick requires you to be in a specific spot to continue farming while you are AFK. In the drawbridge area after surviving the ambush, you will need to press two switches to drop the bridge. In this area, you ignore the switches and stand in the middle. You will need to do the trick here as it is the only area that indefinitely spawns mobs.

Pumpkin Pastures Mission Walkthrough

How it Works

After you get to the right location with the right setup you can simply just leave the game running and forget about the game till later. You can either summon your pets and leave or just leave right away. Either way, when you get low health you will summon them and the Totem of Regeneration to heal back up. This will continue repeating until you come back to pick up all the loot!

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