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Minecraft Dungeons - Enter the brave heroes
We watched each trailer and demo for Minecraft Dungeons, so here you can find our our takes and reactions to each video, all the new information contained, and everything we know so far.

All Trailers Released So Far

The Reveal Trailer

The Announce Trailer was first shown at MINECON Earth in 2018, and you can see the entire reveal here: Minecraft Dungeons Reveal.

As for the trailer itself, it shows four adventurers (the max amount of players!), entering a seemingly endless dungeon by elevator. They all have different weapons, including things like hammers, magic staffs and dual-wielded blades.

It also looks like the big-nosed Villagers need rescuing from equally big-nosed Illagers!

Opening Cinematic

The opening cinematic shows us a small Illager with big plans for revenge. Corrupted by the Orb of Dominance, the outcast brings the world to his little square feet with fire and doom.

Like always, NPCs are useless, and so it's up to you, the Player, to save the world!

First Gameplay Trailer

First deeper look into the gameplay, showing off a lot of different types of dungeons (we're glad it's not all just a race to the bedrock!) as well as the equipment system.

Weapon system explained

It looks like you will have 2 weapon slots and 1 armor slot, independent on level, and you can switch between your two weapons swiftly in battle.

To keep true to the Minecraft Universe, Mojang has kept character based stats and skills out of the equation - everything depends on your gear and your enchantments.

It also looks like you can use fishing rods as grappling hooks to pull enemies close. Good news for the hammerbros out there!

Player revival

Should you get knocked out in the heat of battle, other players can revive you and potentially turn the tides back in your favour.

Introducing the Key Golem

Baby Key in Minecraft Dungeons
Unsurprisingly, there are locks and locked rooms in Minecraft Dungeons.

To unlock them you need to defeat a new Key creature and carry it to the lock. Although its final name is the Key Golem, some of the developers referred to the creature as the “Baby Key”, but try not to think of that when you beat the poor thing up.

Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: Origins

Minecraft Dungeons started as a 3DS game idea, with Mojang wanting to make a dungeon crawler adventure.

It was very important to the developers that everything in Dungeons feels like it could have been in Vanilla Minecraft, so we're expecting lots of quirky enemies, items and characters.

Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: Gameplay

Another great look into what we can expect of the gameplay in Minecraft Dungeons, again showing us fast-paced and exciting shots of the game itself.

Types of Items explained

There are three Types of items:
Emeralds, the in-game currency, which you can use to buy vendors in the lobby.

Consumable Items, which can be healing items like food, or used against enemies like TNT.

It also looks like arrows are consumed when shooting with bows, so keep your holster full and at the ready!

Equipment, permanent items like armor and weapons.

List of Items

Equipment can be Enchanted

Enchantment levels
The equipment can further be enhanced with Enchantments, so even if you have two players with swords, they might deal damage in very different ways.

In the video, we see Poison Cloud, an AoE enchantment, as well as enchantments that let you spawn fire when rolling or shoot several arrows at once.

It's also revealed here that enchantments can all be upgraded with Enchantment Points as well. Learn more about how to use Enchantments in our guide!

All About Enchantments

Dungeons are mostly created randomly

Aside from areas needed for story progression, most of the dungeons will be generated procedurally. That means you'll have a new experience even if you do the same dungeon over and over, it'll be different each time - a must for dungeon crawler games.

Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: Sound

Creating atmosphere and immersion with sound seems to have been placed in the high seat at Mojang's Dungeons development team.

A new area is mentioned - the Crypt in Crypt Woods - where the music and the player both gradually descend into darkness.

Keeping with the Minecraft spirit, the choir used for Minecraft Dungeons sing like villagers, that is to say with slightly silly sounds and no proper words.

Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: Environments

While most areas are going to seem familiar to people who have played Minecraft, the developers have made it so we need to think a lot more about how we proceed in this world of squares.

Obviously, different environments mean different strategies are needed, and you'll probably need to change your equipment to match.

In the trailer, we see mysterious forests, excotic ruins, barren and destroyed areas and many others, so there'll be plenty of things to explore!

Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: Lore

This trailer on lore hints that we might get more story installments down the road, but also promises a balance between entertaining characters, the Minecraft Universe and the overarching story about the Arch-Illager.

While the story itself is simple - outcast finds powerful artifact and becomes evil overlord - it looks like a lot of resources have been put into making it an adventure worth taking.

Meet the Team

This video offers great insight into large-scale game development, as well as the passion that has gone into making Minecraft Dungeons, and while it might not reveal much about the game itself, we think it's worth checking it out.

One thing that really shines through is the focus on a smooth and enjoyable multiplayer experience, so we believe Minecraft Dungeons might be the next great game to play with friends on evenings when you crave a little more action than watering each other's flowers for hybrids.

A fun fact mentioned in this trailer is that some enemies can hit the Baby Key, later known as the Key Golem, but won't be able to pick it up; They are programmed to have Butter Fingers.

All Demos So Far

Beta Version

While there is no available demos as of yet for Minecraft Dungeons, there was a closed Beta available from the end of March to the end of April.

Read all Beta details here:

All About the Beta Version

Release Date and Live Demo

A brief (roughly four minutes) live demo was shown on stage at X019, and while it was over way too quickly, we were able to gather some good tidbits of information!

Dungeon Difficulty Scales

First of all, the difficulty level will scale with the amount of players. So no teaming up and breezing through areas, the game will adjust itself to your team.

The dungeons are procedually generated, meaning that sometimes - but not always - there might be extra, hidden areas when you crawl through the dungeons.

These can contain puzzles where you for example have to align a line on a wall to receive sweet, sweet loot.

Drops are Reserved

Reserved Drops in Minecraft Dungeons
Lastly, it looks like you can set drops to be reserved, so you'll probably be able to play with other players without having to worry too much about that one guy hoarding all the rewards. Bonus!

Extended Gameplay Demo

A lot of cool things were revealed in this almost 30 minutes long video, and we've tried to summarize some of the highlights for you below.

If you want to see a full list of new and confirmed features, we of course have it covered, you can find everything here:
List of New Features in the Game

Unlock Merchants as you progress

It's mentioned that you'll unlock various merchants as you progress through the game, and these shops are where you spend your Emeralds.

Map Feature

Map overlay in Minecraft Dungeons
Fortunately, you don't have to craft maps and fill in the world acre by acre, square by square, the map will be updated as you go along.

There's a pre-determined start and end, but the rest is more or less procedually generated.

Night in the Dungeons

Player Death influences night time and day time
When a player dies, night will gradually begin to fall on the map. If you've played other Minecraft games before, you'll know this is bad news!

Night means more monsters, which in turn means it'll be harder for the remaining party members to stay alive.

Once all players have been revived, day will return again and everyone can get a breather.

Enchantment Points

Enchantment levels
To boost your equipment enchantments, you need something called Enchantment Points and you get these when you level up!

Group Buffs

Group Buffs shown around your character
Under your character, you'll see various colors that grow stronger or increase if you're close to your party.

These buffs depend on your equipment, and can be things like speed bonuses or damage boosts.

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