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The new Creeping Winter DLC release date has finally been announced! Check out our page for more information on the DLC!
When Does Creeping Winter DLC Release
The Creeping Winter DLC

A new free update has been announced! Check out our pages for more information on the new update!
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Creeping Winter banner.jpg

The second DLC for Minecraft Dungeons is on its way! Get ready to fight the frost by learning more about how to unlock the DLC, when will it be released, and its contents!

Release Date: When Will Creeping Winter Come Out?

On August 12, Mojang has finally announced the release date of the Creeping Winter DLC. Get ready for a brand new adventure on September 8! More information on the release here

DLC Release Date
Jungle Awakens July 1, 2020
Creeping Winter September 8, 2020

When Does Creeping Winter DLC Release

How to Unlock Creeping Winter Content

Have the Hero Pass


To access the Creeping Winter DLC after its release, you will need the Hero Pass first. You can get it by either buying the Hero Edition of the game, or if you already have the game you will need to buy the Hero Pass seperately for $9.99 USD.

More information on the Hero Pass and its contents in the page below!

What is Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition?

Clear the Story in Default Mode

Defeat Arch-Illager.jpg

The Creeping Winter missions are found on the Island Realms map which is unlocked after you beat the Arch-Illager in Default mode. Check our story walkthrough for a guide on how to breeze through it!

Story Walkthrough & Guide

Wait for Creeping Winter Release

Creeping Winter map.jpg

After unlocking the Island Realms map, you will notice that the island for Creeping Winter is still locked. This will be available for every Hero Pass holder when the Creeping Winter DLC comes out!

Creeping Winter Contents

Creeping Winter content.jpg

New Missions

Creeping Winter will add 3 new missions in the game and it might be like the Jungle Awakens missions where there are 2 main missions and 1 secret mission.

New Mobs and Boss

The banner for Creeping Winter shows some mobs that weren't on the base game or Jungle Awakens DLC, which might probably be introduced along with the Creeping Winter DLC.

Frost Wraith (?)


One of the most noticeable enemies is the floating mob that looks like the Wraith encountered in the base game except it's icy now. This might also be the main boss of the DLC since it is wearing a crown with a menacing aura.

Frost Zombie (?)

Frost zombies.jpg

Zombies covered in snow can be found everywhere on the banner which hints zombies that can inflict effects like Chilling on hit.

Ice Evoker (?)


Enough with the "Frost" names. This one looks like the Evoker from the base game but is now "Winter-y" and might summon frost familiars and icy spikes instead.

Arctic Wolf (?)

Arctic wolf.jpg

Looking harmless and possibly passive mobs, Arctic wolves are also seen in the banner and might behave the same as the Ocelots from the Jungle Awakens and attack other enemies. Kinda cute, too.

New Gear and Artifact

Creeping Winter gear.jpg

Expect all-new weapons and armors included that matches the theme of the DLC. Also, one of the characters in the banner is holding something that looks like a Frost Wand which may be a new artifact.

Free Update

Just like the Jungle Awakens DLC, there is also going to be a free update that adds all new content without you needing the Hero Pass! This update adds whole new features! They will even add the Blacksmith we have all been waiting for!

New Merchants

You will be able to save new merchant that you can encounter! They will be grateful enough that they will open shop in camp, givin you more options to spend your Emeralds! Two of the confirmed merchants are the Blacksmith, who will updgrade your gear for you, and the Gift Wrapper, allowing you to finally allow your to trade with your friends!

You will also be able to level up the merchants! Giving them more stock for you to buy!

Daily Trials

Daily Trials are going to be whole new challenges that appear everyday! The trials are going to drastictly change mechanics, making the game harder, more experimental and most importantly, fun! Learn more about it in the page below!

What are Daily Trials?

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