How to Use Ring Magic

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This is a guide for the Ring Magic in Final Fantasy XV. Read on to learn about the available Ring Magic, how to use them, and more!

Ring Magic

Ring Magic is different from the magic that you can create through Elemancy. You can only use Ring Magic after obtaining the Ring of the Lucii. Using Ring Magic, however, still costs MP.

How to Use Ring Magic

Each of the spells learned from the Ring of the Lucii have a specific way to cast. These will be taught during Chapter 13 if the player chooses to play Noctis's path. If the player chooses Gladiolus's path, the tutorial on Ring Magic will not appear but Noctis can still use the Ring.



Hold R1 to lock on then hold

Using Death on an enemy slows it down, damages it over time, and applies a debuff that instantly kills the enemy when the "invisible death meter" is completely full. If the enemy is killed with the "instant kill" debuff, Noctis will recover a portion of his maximum HP.

Take note that there are enemies that cannot be killed with Death. Enemies that can be killed with Death have different death resistance which affects the damage they will take from it.



Press or hold , just like in phasing

Phase will be replaced with Holy with the Ring of the Lucii. Casting Holy will counterattack the enemy and the damage dealt depends on Noctis's Magic stat and level and replenish some MP.

Timing the dodge perfeclty, like blinking, will cast an insanely stronger version of Holy which also makes Noctis teleport to the enemy, replenish more MP, and most likely put the enemy to a Vulnerable state.



Hold R1 to lock on then hold when MP bar is full

Alterna is the last Ring Magic that Noctis will learn. Alterna requires a full MP bar and will completely drain it upon casting but will not put Noctis into Stasis.

This Ring Magic has a chance to instantly kill all enemies within range. There are no enemies immune to Alterna except for Timed Quest enemies but its chance is relatively low and is not tied to any of the stats so you might need to use Alterna multiple times before it hits.

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