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This page lists all the Blitzball Players in Final Fantasy X (FFX, FF10). Check out our Blitzball Player list and where to find them!
Final Fantasy X Blitzball tips

List of all Blitzball Players

Below are the list of all blitzball players in the game.

List of Forwards

Name Location
Tidus Default
Datto Luca Locker Room.
Bickson Luca Port 3
Abus Luca Port 3
Larbeight Kilika
Isken Kilika
Eigaar Airship
Blappa Airship
Basik Ronso Luca Port 4
Argai Ronso Luca Port 4
Giera Guado Guadosalam
Zazi Guado Guadosalam
Wedge Luca Guarding the Stadium.
Shaami Luca near the theater.
Nedus Luca.
Biggs One of the guards guarding the Luca Stadium.
Vilucha Besaid Village.
Wakka Airship.

List of Mid Fielders

Name Location
Letty Luca Locker Room.
Graav Luca Port 3
Vuroja Kilika
Berrik Airship
Gazna Ronso Luca Port 4
Navara Guado Guadosalam
Brother Airship
Kiyuri S.S. Winno
Svanda Calm Lands near the scar.
Zev Ronso Luca.
Tatts Kilika
Mifurey Thunder Plains.
Mep Kilika Temple.
Linna Macalania Temple.
Rin Airship.

List of Rear Players

Name Location
Jassu Luca Locker Room.
Botta Luca Locker Room.
Doram Luca Port 3
Balgerda Luca Port 3
Kulukan Kilika
Deim Kilika
Judda Airship
Lakkam Airship
Nuvy Ronso Luca Port 4
Irga Ronso Luca Port 4
Auda Guado Guadosalam
Pah Guado Guadosalam
Kyou Near Djose Temple.
Zalitz Luca near the theater.
Shuu At the Cafe in Luca.
Naida Calm Lands outpost.
Ropp Located at Rin's Shop at Mi'ihen Highroads.

List of Goalies

Name Location
Keepa Luca Locker Room.
Raudy Luca Port 3
Nizarut Kilika
Nimrook Airship
Zamzi Ronso Luca Port 4
Noy Guado Guadosalam
Jumal Luca.
Durren Near the Rusty Sword. Disappears after using the airship to infiltrate sin.
Miyu Moonflow Northern side.
Yuma Guado Guadosalam.

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