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Final Fantasy X Omega Dungeon Walkthrough

This is the Sidequest Walkthrough for Omega Ruins in Final Fantasy X (FFX, FF 10). Read on for more information about objectives, and bosses within this section.

Omega Ruins Objectives

Omega Dungeon Objectives
Notes Beware of Great Malboros in the area.
1 Head left, then right. Keep walking until you encounter a glyph.
2 Head forward then left to find another glyph. Interact with it and go back to the previous glyph to activate it.
3 From the intersection before reaching the glyph, head forward to find a platform. Ride it then prepare for a boss battle.
Miniboss Ultima Weapon
4 Go through the portal and keep walking. You will encounter an enemy every in each platform you reach.
5 When you reach the last platform, prepare for a boss fight.
Boss Omega Weapon
End of Omega Ruins

Great Malboros

great malboro ambush
Great Malboros will start the battle in an ambush every time. It is suggested to have a party member with First Strike in the frontlines. Swap it with a character with Provoke to prevent the Malboros from using Bad Breath.

Treasure Chests

Teleport Sphere
Aside from the Teleport Sphere obtained by using the glyph. The Treasure chests in omega ruins are random. So you may pick up any chests and the results will always vary.

Omega Ruins Boss Fights

Ultima Weapon

Ultima Weapon
Ultima Weapon is the teaser boss fight before the true boss of the Omega Dungeon. Ultima weapon is a boss but is just an extremely weaker version of Omega. It is suggested to have at least 2.5 Million Gil before the fight as bribing Ultima weapon will net you 99 Pendulums.

Omega Weapon

Omega Weapon
The true boss of the Omega Ruins. Sporting a 999,999 HP. This boss fight will take a long time (unless you're extremely over leveled). For more information about Omega Weapon, see the link below.
How to Beat Omega Weapon | Final Fantasy X

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