What does Luck do?

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Final Fantasy X What does Luck do?

This page contains information about the vague status Luck in the game FFX (Final Fantasy X , FF10). Read on to know how luck truly works in the game and why is it so valuable.

What Does Luck Do?

Affects Hitrate, Evasion, and Critical Rate

The Luck Stat can arguably be the best stat in the game. Its effect covers two other stats which are evasion and accuracy.

FFX has a complicated hit rate calculation which will be discussed below.

HitRate Calculation

BA + Player's Luck - Enemy Luck

BA will be the abbreviation for Base Accuracy. The Calculation to get BA is as follows

Hitrate Check=Accuracy stat *0.4 - Enemy Evasion + 9.
The result of the computation will then be referenced to a table shown below.
Accuracy Table
0 Hitrate Check 25 BA
1-2 Hitrate Check 30 BA
3-4 Hitrate Check 40 BA
5 Hitrate Check 50 BA
6 Hitrate Check 60 BA
7 Hitrate Check 80 BA
8+ Hitrate Check 100 BA

So assuming that the the player and the enemy have both 100 luck, accuracy and evasion, the hitrate will be as follows.

Hitrate Check = 100

  • 0.4 - 100 +9

  • Hitrate Check = -51
    so our BA becomes 25% as shown in the table that anything below 0 will result in 25 accuracy.
    We will now take BA and insert it in the hitrate formula.
    25 +100 (your luck) - 100(enemy luck) = 25% hit chance.
    Your attack only has a 25% chance of hitting the enemy.
    values taken from the FFX ultimania book.

    Critical Rate Calculation

    Player Luck + Weapon Critical Chance - Enemy Luck

    Each weapon in the game has a hidden critical chance. This is not shown to the player but most equipments only have a value of 3%. Again, assuming that both the enemy and the player has 100 luck. The computation for critical rate will be as follows.

    100 + 3 -100= 3% critical chance.
    Formula taken from the FFX Ultimania book.

    Does Luck Affect Steal Rate?

    Luck Does Not Affect Steal Rate

    It is a common misconception that luck affects steal rate. Steal rate however, has its own formula which is unaffected by luck. The formula for steal rate are as follows.

    Steal rate = (100% / 2 for every successful steals).
    The player has a 100% chance to steal on your first attempt, the steal is then checked for results which are as follows.
    7/8 = normal item steal
    1/8 = rare item steal

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