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Final Fantasy X How to beat Don Tonberry Don Tonberry Farming Trick

This is a walkthrough for the boss fight Don Tonberry from the game Final Fantasy X (FF 10, FF X). Read on for tips and strategy about how to beat Don Tonberry , including Don Tonberry's stats and other useful information.

Don Tonberry Information

Don Tonberry Basic Information

Name Don Tonberry
HP(Overkill) 480000 (10000) MP 120
AP(Overkill) 8000 (8000) Gil -
Farplane Shadow 3 (6) Drop
Dark Matter 1 (2)
Candle of Life 2 Steal
Designer Wallet 1
Chef's Knife Karma

Don Tonberry Stats

Srength 95 Agility 37
Defense 100 Luck 15
Magic 75 Evasion 0
Magic Defense 100 Accuracy 80

Don Tonberry Elemental Resistances

Fire Lightning Water Ice Holy
100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

Don Tonberry Status Resistances

Sleep Silence Darkness
Poison Petrify Slow
Zombie Power Break Magic Break
Armor Break Mental Break Threaten
Death Provoke Doom
Distill Sensor Scan
Gravity Delay Eject
Zanmato Lv.

Don Tonberry Equipment Ability Drops

Weapon & Armor slots 3-4
Weapon and Armor Ability Drops 2-4
Weapon Ability Drops
Dark Strike Silence Strike
Sleep Strike Poison Strike
Stone Strike Death Strike
Zombie Strike Slow Strike
Armor Ability Drops
Dark Proof Silence Proof
Sleep Proof Poison Proof
Death Proof Zombie Proof
Slow Proof Stone Proof

Weapon & Armor Slots Drops depicts the amount of possible slots the enemy's equipment drops will have while the Ability Drops depicts the possible amount of abilities the dropped weapon may have.

Don Tonberry Boss Battle Guide


Weapons Celestial Weapons
Armor Auto-Phoenix, Auto-Haste
Overdrive Mode Comrade


FFX Don Tonberry

Karma Damages depends on the number of units that character has slain all throughout the game
Voodoo Instantly kills an Aeon.
Waddle Slowly walks nearer to the party.
Chef's Knife Stabs the target dealing sever damage.


Keep launching offensive overdrives. The counterattack received from karma will fill up the other party member's overdrive gauges. Let Auto-Phoenix revive fallen party members and keep the offensive to win the battle.

Don Tonberry AP Farming Trick

Don Tonberry Trick Setup

Overdrive -> AP

Unlocking Catastrophe in the original creations by unlocking 6 area conquest monsters will net you 99 Doors to tomorrow.

Triple AP

Triple AP can be obtained as a Weapon drop from One-Eye. Aim to get a weapon with 3 slots to be able to customize Triple AP or Double AP and Overdrive->AP to the weapon.

Triple Overdrive

99 Winning Formula can be obtained by unlocking Neslug in the Monster Arena Original Creation. 30 of these can be customized in a weapon to obtain Triple Overdrive Auto-Ability.

Battle Preparation

Set the main attacker's overdrive mode to Stoic and your other character's Overdrive Mode to Comrade. This character will keep attacking don tonberry until it reaches the party. Revive the character and repeat this then flee the battle. All the damage taken will be converted to AP netting you massive amounts of AP after the battle.

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