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Final Fantasy X How to beat Thuban

This is a walkthrough for the boss fight Th'uban from the game Final Fantasy X (FF 10, FF X). Read on for tips and strategy about how to beat Th'uban , including Th'uban's stats and other useful information.

Th'uban Information

Th'uban Basic Information

Th'uban Details
Name Th'uban
HP(Overkill) 3000000 (99999) MP 85
AP(Overkill) 50000 (50000) Gil -
Underdog's Secret 1 (2) Drop
Dark Matter 1 (2)
Gambler's Spirit 1 Steal
Teleport Sphere 1
Condemn Convergence
Rainbow Haste
Shell Protect

Th'uban Stats

Th'uban's stats
Srength 102 Agility 53
Defense 80 Luck 15
Magic 212 Evasion 0
Magic Defense 80 Accuracy 180

Th'uban Elemental Resistances

Elemental Resistances
Fire Lightning Water Ice Holy
100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

Th'uban Status Resistances

Status Resistances
Sleep Silence Darkness
Poison Petrify Slow
Zombie Power Break Magic Break
Armor Break Mental Break Threaten
Death Provoke Doom
Distill Sensor Scan
Gravity Delay Eject
Zanmato Lv.

Th'uban Equipment Ability Drops

Equipment Ability Drops
Weapon & Armor slots 3-4
Weapon and Armor Ability Drops 1-3
Weapon Ability Drops
Triple AP Triple Overdrive
Armor Ability Drops
HP + 10% HP + 20%
HP + 30%

Weapon & Armor Slots Drops depicts the amount of possible slots the enemy's equipment drops will have while the Ability Drops depicts the possible amount of abilities the dropped weapon may have.

Th'uban Boss Battle Guide

FFX Thuban


Auto-Armor abilities are a must because of Condemn's dispel effect but Auto-Protect is not needed if defense stat is higher than 200. Convergence can easily fill the other 2 party members overdrive gauge with Comrade Overdrive mode.


Armour Auto-Haste, Auto-Protect or high defense stat,Auto-Med, and Auto-phoenix
Items Remedies
Abilities Entrust
Characters Rikku (for the Panacea overdrive)
Overdrive Mode Comrade


Condemn is used as a counter attack. It deals Physical damage to the whole party and inflicts delay and dispels buffs
Auto-Abilities from your armour cannot be dispelled(Auto-Protect, Auto-Regen, etc).
Rainbow Inflicts several status ailments like Confuse, Sleep, Curse, Silence, and Blind.
Convergence Deals 99,999 damage to a single target.
White Magic Haste, Shell, Protect, Regen


It is suggested to maximize every turn you take and not waste it on attacks. When everyone is in high health, unleash offensive Overdrives then play defensively and wait for your Overdrives to charge again. Use Rikku's Ultra potion to restore everyone to full health or use Panacea to cure Rainbow's status ailments. Prepare to use Entrust on Rikku to apply a clutch heal to possibly save a losing fight.

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