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Final Fantasy X Besaid Temple Cloister of Trials

Page with a guide on how to solve the Besaid Cloister of Trials in Final Fantasy X (FF X, FF 10). This page contains all the steps necessary to solve the puzzle and the secret item in the puzzle.

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Besaid Cloister of Trials

1 Examine the Glyph infront of you.
2 Touch the Glpyh that appeared on the right side.
3 Take the Glyph Sphere found on the wall after descending the stairway.
4 Insert the Glyph Sphere on the door.
5 take the Glpyh Sphere on the door.
6 Insert the Glyph Sphere on the empty recess on the left side after going through the door.
7 Touch the symbols you will see after heading inwards and turning right.
8 Take the Besaid Sphere you will find inside the corrider you opened.
9 Insert the Besaid Sphere in the pedestal in the wall.
10 Get back to the area where you inserted the Glpyh Sphere earlier and take the Destruction Sphere inside.
11 Insert it back to the area where you took the Besaid Sphere.
12 Go to the area with the dead end to find Rod of Wisdom
13 Push the pedestal to the area with a shining light.
End of Besaid Trial

Besaid Trials Detailed

1. Glpyh

ss (111).jpg

2. Glpyh

ss (112).jpg

3. Glyph Sphere

ss (115).jpg

4 Insert Sphere

ss (116).jpg

5 Take Sphere

ss (117).jpg

6 Insert Sphere

ss (118).jpg

7 Symbols

ss (120).jpg

8 Take Sphere

ss (121).jpg

9 Insert Sphere

ss (122).jpg

10 Take Sphere

ss (123).jpg

11 Insert Sphere

ss (124).jpg

12 Rod of Wisdom

ss (127).jpg

13 Pedestal

ss (128).jpg

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