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This is the Story Walkthrough for Chapter 7 (Guadosalam) of Final Fantasy X (FFX, FF 10). Read on for more information about objectives, and bosses within this section.

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Djose Macalania

Chapter Objectives

1 Head for the mansion in the center of the town. Tromell will then guide you further in.
2 Once inside the dining hall, talk to everyone.
3 Once leaving the manor, head downwards for a scene.
4 Follow the path leading upward. After the scene , head up the stairs for another scene.
5 Talk to everyone. After talking to wakka and witnessing a scene with Chappu,the Brotherhood will be upgraded.
6 After talking to Yuna, head outside the farplane.
7 Head back to the front of the manor.
8 Try to head to the Thunder Plains (blocked by a guado) to meet a familiar place. After the dialogue, talk with the party.
Optional Venus Crest Before heading to the Thunder Plains, return to the farplane to obtain the Venus Crest
9 Head to the Thunder Plains
10 When you reach the last lightning tower in the southern plains, there will be a cutscene. After the scene, head inside the shop.
11 Head up to reach the northern part of the thunderplains until you reach the lightning tower with a roof.
12 After all the scenes, head north to reach Macalania woods.
End of Chapter

Thunder Plains

Tidus Liightning Towers Thunder Plains FFX FF 10 FInal Fantasy X Final Fantasy 10
To know when you are safe from the lightning bolts, take a look at the ground near the thunder rods. When you are standing in the light colored ground, lightning bolts won't hit you.

The lightning bolts can also be dodged by timing the X button when the screen flashes white.

Chapter 7 Obtainable Key Items

Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIII

Al Bhed Primer XIII

Found in the floor inside the eastern most house in Guadosalam.

Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIV

Al Bhed Primer XIV

Al Bhed Primer XIV can be obtained in Rin's Shop. Talk to everyone then to Rikku before following Yuna into the room.

Moon Crest

Venus Crest

The Venus Crest can be obtained in the Farplane. The treasure chest appears before the party heads out into the Thunder Plains

Chapter 7 Obtainable Items

Obtainable Items
Mega-Potion Elixir 3000 Gil
Phoenix Down x2 Hi-Potion x2 5000 Gil
Water Ball Yellow Shield X-Potion
Ether Remedy 2000 Gil


FFX Mega-Potion Obtainable Items in Guadosalam
A Mega-Potion can be obtained near the entrance of Seymour's manor.


FFX Elixir Obtainable Items in Guadosalam
An Elixir can be found in the 2nd floor southern area near the 2 talking Guados in Guadosalam.

3000 Gil

FFX 3000 Gil Obtainable Items in Guadosalam
3000 Gil can be obtained inside a treasure chest in the eastern most house in guadosalam.

Phoenix Down x2

FFX Phoenix Down x2 Thunderplains
2 Phoenix Downs can be obtained on the left side after entering the Thunder Plains.

Hi-Potion x2

FFX Hi-Potion x2 Obtainable items Thunderplains
2 Hi-Potions can be obtained just past the Lightning Tower with a savesphere.

5000 Gil

FFX 5000 Gil Obtainable items Thunderplains
5000 Gil can be obtained in the upper left most corner of the Thunderplains before reaching the spherical lake.

Water Ball

FFX Water Ball Obtainable items Thunderplains
An equipment for Wakka. The Thunderball can be found in the small extension in the right side of the Thunderplains.

Yellow Shield

FFX Yellow Shield Obtainable items Thunderplains
An armor for Tidus. A Yellow Shield can be obtained lying on the floor infront of Rin's Travel Agency in the Thunderplains.


FFX X-Potion Obtainable items Thunderplains
An X-Potion can be found in the opposite entrance of the northern Thunderplains(The entrance beside the path to Rin's shop).


FFX Ether Obtainable items Thunderplains
A treasure chest containing an Ether can be found behind the Lightning Tower with a roof.


FFX Remedy Obtainable items Thunderplains
A Remedy is obtained inside a treasure chest on the left side near the exit of the northern part of the Thunder Plains.

2000 Gil

FFX 2000 Gil Obtainable items Thunderplains
2000 Gil can be obtained in the right side of the Northern part of the Thunderplains.

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