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Final Fantasy X Chapter 4 Luca Story Walkthrough

This is the Story Walkthrough for Chapter 4 (Luca) of Final Fantasy X (FFX, FF 10). Read on for more information about objectives, and bosses within this section.

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Kilika Highroads

Chapter 4 Objectives

1 Head to the deck and approach Yuna.
2 Head up the stairs multiple times.
Jecht Shot Save the game then approach the blitzball for a Jecht Shot Minigame.
How to Learn the Jecht Shot
3 After the cutscene, follow the path upward for a cutscene.
4 Get out of the Locker room and head south. After the cutscene, head left.
5 Head upwards into the cafe for another cutscene.
6 Proceed to the Stadium then head left.Head upwards until you reach dock 4. (You'll know when you're in dock 4 when you see a savepoint).
Optional When heading to Dock 4, you will encounter O'aka. Buy some thunderstrike equipments from him.
7 Head right after the cutscene for a boss fight.
Boss Oblitzerator BallShooter Machina Boss Battle LucaBoss Battle Oblitzerator
8 Talk to Wakka lying on the bench. After the Scene ,you will have your first blitzball game.
Blitzball Game FFX Blitzball  Jecht ShotDefeat the Luca Goers!
9 After the lengthy scenes. Head to the plaza then take the path to the upper right to exit Luca.
End of Chapter 4

Jecht Shot

FFX How to Learn Jecht Shot
To complete the Jecht Shot Mini-game. You must press the directional button and X at the same direction the text appears. You must press X when the text appears in the center. Winning the mini-game will let tidus use the Jecht Shot in blitzball.

Blitzball Game

FFX Blitzball  Jecht Shot
The finals against the Luca Goers will be your tutorial and first game for Blitzball. We have an in depth guide for beating the Luca Goers just below here.
How to beat Luca Goers

Chapter 4 Boss Battles

Boss Fight Oblitzerator

Oblitzerator BallShooter Machina Boss Battle Luca
Boss fight that specializes in counterattacks and status effects.For information on how to beat Oblitzerator, see the link below.

How to Beat Oblitzerator

Chapter 4 Obtainable Key Items

Al Bhed Primer Vol. V

Al Bhed Primer V

The Al Bhed Primer V can be found in the Bridge of the Ship.

Al Bhed Primer Vol. VI

Al Bhed Primer VI

The Al Bhed Primer VI can be found in Basement B.

Al Bhed Primer Vol. VII

Al Bhed Primer VII

Chapter 4 Obtainable Items

Obtainable Items
Hi-Potion Hi-Potion X 2
600 Gil Tidal Spear
Phoenix Down X 2 HP Sphere and Magic Sphere
1000 Gil -


FFX SS Winno Hi-Potion
A Hi-Potion can be obtained in the Cabin.

Hi-Potion X 2

Hi Potion X2 FFX Basement B
2 Hi-Potions can be obtained in the treasure chest located in Basement B.

600 Gil

FFX Luca Dock 1 600 Gil
a treasure chest containing 600 Gil can be found in dock 1.

Tidal Spear

FFX Dock 1 Tidal Spear
A Tidal Spear can be obtained in Dock 1. Will be really useful for the battles this chapter.

Phoenix Down X 2

2 Phoenix Downs can be obtained in the treasure chest in Dock 2.

HP Sphere and Magic Sphere

2 Stat Spheres can be obtained in a hidden path in Dock 5.

1000 Gil

FFX Luca 1000 Gil
1000 Gil can be obtained near the exit of Luca after passing through the plazza.

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