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Final Fantasy X Kimahri name

This is a page about the character Kimahri from the game Final Fantasy X (FFX, FF 10). Read on to find out more information about this character.

Kimahri Basic Information

Race Ronso
Home Mt. Gagazet
Gender Male
Age 25
Height 204cm
Weapon Spears
Celestial Weapon Spirit Lance

Kimahri Introduction

Kimahri is a ronso that is extremely loyal to Yuna. He mistrsusts people and doen't talk often. His horn was broken by Biran and Yenke Ronso. After getting into despair, he left his home Mount Gagazet and there encounters Auron who asks him to take Yuna to Besaid to live a happy life.

After Yuna turned 15, Kimahri became Yuna's first guardian.

Kimahri Overdrive - Ronso Rage

Ronso Rage works similarly to the blue magic franchise of other final fantasies. He can use Lancet to learn abilities from monsters and use them as his own. Below are the list of all of Kimahri's learnable abilities.

Ability Name Effect Learned From
Jump Jumps to the air and damages one enemy upon falling. Default
Seed Cannon Damages one enemy. Lancet Tutorial
Self-Destruct Sacrifices self to deal damage equal to Kimahri's max HP X 3. Puts Kimahri on an ejected status. Biran Ronso and Bomb Monsters except Bomb king.
Fire Breath deals fire elemental damage to all enemies. Dual Horn, Valaha, Yenke Ronso, Grendel
Stone Breath Petrifies all enemies Basilisk, Anacondaur, Yenke Ronso
Aqua Breath deals water elemental damage to all enemies. Chimera, Chimera Brain, Yenke Ronso
Thrust Kick Ejects an enemy. This ability is bugged and does not actually inflict eject, only damage. YKT-63, Biran Ronso, YKT-11
Bad Breath Inflicts Poison, Slow, Darkness and Silence. Malboro, Great Malboro
Doom Applies doom to the enemy. Ghost, Biran Ronso, Wraith
White Wind Heals the whole party. Yenke Ronso, Dark Flan
Mighty Guard casts Protect, Shell and NulAll to the whole party. Biran Ronso, Behemoth, Behemoth King
Nova Deals massive damage to all enemies. Nemesis, Omega Weapon.

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