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Final Fantasy X Jecht Spheres Location Movie Sphere

This page lists the location of all the Jecht Spheres in the game Final Fantasy X (FFX. FF10). Jecht Spheres or sometimes called the Movie Spheres' location can all be found here.

What are the Jecht Spheres

Memories stored by Jecht's Party

After a certain boss battle in the game. You will obtain your first Jecht Sphere. This will allow you to collect other Jecht Spheres all around the world.

Collecting these Spheres will provide the player with some insight about High Summoner Braska's Journey as well as rewarding the player Auron's Overdrives. For a list of Auron's Overdrives, check out the link below.
Auron Overdrive Bushido

Location of Jecht Spheres

Sperimorph Jecht's Sphere


The first obtainable Jecht Sphere. This can be obtained after the battle with Spherimorph in Macalania Forest.

Macalania Forest Jecht's Sphere

Macalania Forest Jecht Sphere
Can be found near the entrance of Macalania Forest to the right path before heading to the Calm Lands.

Mount Gagazet Braska's Sphere Sphere

FFX Mount Gagazet Braska
Can be obtained in a small protruding path in the mount Gagazet trail before reaching the area you fought Seymour Flux.

Thunderplains Jecht's Sphere

FFX Thunderplains Jecht Sphere
Found near the a lightning tower on the southern area of the Thunder Plains

Moonflow Jecht's Sphere

FFX Moonflow Sphere
Found in the southern Wharf in Moonflow.

Mushroom Rock Road Jecht's Sphere

FFX Mushroom Rock Road Sphere
Found near the elevator in Mushroom rock road on the previous path during operation Mi'ihen.

Djose Highroad Jecht's Sphere

FFX Djose Highroad Jecht Sphere
Found in the Oldroad near the location of the Mars Crest.

Luca Jecht's Sphere

FFX Luca Jecht Sphere
Found infront of the Besaid Auroch's Locker room.

S.S. Liki Jecht's Sphere

FFX S.S. Liki Jecht
Found in the Cabin by riding the S.S. Liki. The S.S. Liki is the ship going from Kilika to Besaid.

Besaid Jecht's Sphere

FFX Besaid Village Jecht
Found on the open area on the right side of Besaid Village. The path may be blocked by Dark Valefor if the party has already reached Zanarkand.

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