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Final Fantasy X Battle screen UI Guide

This page teaches the player about the Battle Mode in the game Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remastered (FF 10, FF X). All information about the Battle mode are found in this page.

Battle Mode

Guide to Battle Mode Menu

Battle UI Battle Mode Battle Guide Beginner Tips and Tricks

  1. Help Window: Displays various information about the item the cursor points to.
  2. Command Window: Displays the available command for that character.
  3. CTB Window: Displays the order of all turns.
  4. Status Window: Displays party's HP & MP.

CTB Window

CTB Window Beginner Tips and Tricks and Guides
The CTB Window shows the turn order for all units active in the field. The Turn order is arranged as if everyone will use the Attack command next. Different commands shift a character's next turn up or down the queue.

Damage Indicators

Damage Indicators FFX Beginner Tips and Guides

  • White Numbers: Shows Damage inflicted.
  • Green Numbers: Indicates HP recovery.
  • MP: indicates MP loss or MP recovery.
  • MISS:indiciates a failed attack of failure of inflicting status ailment.
  • IMMUNE: indicates a resistance to a status ailment of damage type.


ffx beginner tips switching
Pressing the L1 button during battle will allow you the option of switching a frontline character with a reserve.


Overdrives ffx beginner tips and guides
When the Overdrive Gauge is filled up, the character can perfrom a special attack called an Overdrive. press the left directional button to access Overdrives. For more information about Overdrives, see the link below.
Overdrive Beginner Tips and Tricks | Final Fantasy X

Trigger Commands

Trigger Commands FFX beginner tips and guides
Trigger Commands are rare commands that can have varying effects. These commands vary from providing buffs to interacting with special objects in the battlefield.


Elements ffx beginner tips and guides
Elements can be exploited to deal bonus damage to enemies.

Status Ailments

Status Ailments Ffx beginner tips and guides
Enemies can inflict status ailments on your characters. For more information about status ailments, see the link below.

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Info Window

FINAL FANTASY X_X-2 HD Remaster_20191014103123.jpg
The Info Window can be access with the auto-ability Sensor. It reveals several information about the enemy such as their max and current HP, their elemental affinities and weaknesses, and status ailments inflicted to them.

Change Weapon / Armor

Change Weapon and Armor FFX Beginner tips
Pressing right during battle gives you access tot he Weapon adn Armor command. These commands allow you to change your current armor/ weapon to aid you in battle.


Pressing the Triangle Button allows your character to defend. Defend only halves Physical damage .


Overkill FFX Beginner Tips and Guides
Deal Excessive damage for a change to get an Overkill. For more information about Overkill, see the link below.

What is Overkill? Beginner Tips and Tricks | Final Fantasy X

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