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Final Fantasy X Chapter 3 Top Image Kilika Walkthrough

This is the Story Walkthrough for Chapter 3 (Kilika) of Final Fantasy X (FFX, FF 10). Read on for more information about objectives, obtainable items, and bosses within this section.

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Besaid Luca

Chapter 3 Objectives

Optional Before approaching Yuna, go inside the ship and talk to the merchant and invest atleast 1001 Gil
Optional Head to the room to the left. You will find a suitcase, you can kick it to obtain potions. (You will stop getting potions once you have 20 on your inventory)
1 Prepare for a boss battle then approach Yuna
Boss Boss Fight Sin(Fin)
Boss Boss Fight Sin Echuilles
2 Follow the path to the village until you reach everyone.
3 Get out of the Inn then head right. Look for the Aurochs and Wakka.
4 Head to the northwestern part of the village to reach Kilika Jungle.
5 head left after the cutscene, follow the path and circle around the jungle. Or
Optional Boss Optional Boss Fight Lord Ochu.
6 After exiting the jungle. Head up the stairs for a boss battle.
Boss Boss Fight Sinspawn Geneaux.
7 Head up to the temple for a cutscene.
8 Kilika Temple
9 Talk to Wakka twice then try to walk away.
10 Get back to the ship at Kilika Village
End of Chapter 4

Kilika Temple Cloister of Trial

A summoner temple which requires you to use the Fiery Kilika Spheres. The puzzles involves flames and the mastery of placing each Spheres strategically is the key to solve the puzzle. For a guide on how to solve the Trial of Kilika, see the link below.

Kilika Temple Cloister of Trial

Chapter 3 Boss Battles

Boss Fight - Sin(fin)

Sin Fin Ship Voyage to Kilika
A boss battle that can play infinitely if played wrong. Sinscales will hit hard if left alone and an enemy that can't be reached with melee attacks. For information on how to beat Sin (fin), see the link below.

How to beat Sin(Fin)

Boss Fight - Sin Echuilles

ss (135).jpg
Time to use those potions! This is a battle with a lot of damages. For information on how to beat Sin Echuilles, see the link below.
How to beat Sinspawn: Echuilles

Optional Boss Fight - Lord Ochu

Lord Ochu Kilika Jungle Boss Fight Optional
Lord Ochu is an optional boss found at the Kilika Jungle. The battle may be too tough for now but it is certainly beatable. For information on how to beat Lord Ochu, see the link below.

How to beat Lord Ochu

Boss Fight Geneaux

Sinspawn: Geneaux can be hard or easy depending on how you play it. Geneaux has tentacles that prevents magic and a hard scale which can't be damaged. To find out how to beat Sinspawn: Geneaux, click here.

How to beat Sinspawn: Geneaux

Chapter 3 Obtainable Key Items

Al Bhed Primer III

Al Bhed Primer III

Found inside the power room. The Al Bhed Primer III is found in the low part of the room (almost hidden by the camera angle).

Al Bhed Primer 4

Al Bhed Primer Vol. IV can be found in the Tavern of Kilika.

Chapter 3 Obtainable Items

Obtainable Items List
Remedy 20 Potions Potion X 3
Ether Elixir Mana Sphere X2
Scout Remedy & Nulblaze Shield Hi-Potion
Luck Sphere Red Armlet -


FFX Remedy Chapter 3
Obtained in the treasure chest inside the Cabin.

20 Potions

FFX Potion Suitcase Kilika Chapter 3
You can kick the suitcase inside the cabin. Each kick will give you a potion until you have 20 potions in your inventory.

Potion X 3

FFX Potion X 3 Kilika
Obtained in the last house before the path to Kilika Jungle.


FFX Kilika Saving the Girl Ether Reward FFX Kilika Saving the Girl Ether Reward

An Ether can be obtained by saving the crying girl on the eastern side of the village.


FFX Kilika Jungle Elixir Lord Ochu Defeated
An Elixir can be obtained from Luzzu if you defeated the Lord Ochu in Kilika Jungle.

Mana Sphere X2

FFX Mana Sphere X 2
Obtained in the treasure chest in the eastern side of Kilika Jungle.


FFX Kilika Jungle Scout
A weapon for wakka can be obtained after turning right in the first left turn in the Kilika Jungle.

Remedy & Nulblaze Shield

NulBlaze ShieldEnlarge FFX Remedy Kilika JungleEnlarge

Talking to the Crusader found in the north west side in the jungle will net you a remedy. If you defeated Lord Ochu then the crusader will also give you a Nulblaze shield.


Central Crusader FFX Kilika Jungle Hi-Potion
Talking to the crusader near the central road in the Kilika Jungle will net you a Hi-Potion.

Luck Sphere

FFX Kilika Jungle Luck Sphere
A Luck Sphere can be obtained by following the central path blocked by the Lord Ochu.

Red Armlet

FFX Red Armlet Kilika Cloister of Trials
An equipment for Kimahri. For a guide on how to use the Destruction Sphere to obtain the Red armlet, see the link below.
Kilika Temple Cloister of Trial

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Besaid Luca
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