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This is the Story Walkthrough for Chapter 2 (Besaid) of Final Fantasy X (FFX, FF 10). Read on for more information about objectives, and bosses within this section.

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Submerged Ruins Kilika

Chapter 2 Objectives

1 Head towards the people on the beach.
3 After the cutscene, follow Wakka.
4 Keep Swimming along the path until you reach the village.
5 Go to the farthest hut on the left. Talk to Luzzu and Gatta. Also pick up the Al Bhed Primer located near the exit of the hut.
6 Head to the temple up north in the village.
7 Return to Wakka's Hut. The hut is the 2nd tent on the right side. Talk to Wakka and get some sleep
8 Return to the temple.
9 Besaid Temple Cloister of TrialsBesaid Temple Cloister of Trials
10 Walk back to the center of the village for a cutscene.
11 After the cutscene, Approach Yuna. Then talk to Wakka to get some sleep.
12 Head towards Yuna
Optional Valefor Energy Blast Besaid Hidden Quest Side Quest FF X Walkthrough Guide Valefor's Energy Blast Overdrive
13 Leave the village and take the path upwards. When you reach the area with a statue head upwards.
Optional Praying or not Praying affects nothing in the game.
14 After the battle, Follow the path until you reach the Ship.
15 Get on the Ship.
End of Chapter 2

Praying at the Statue

FFX Pray
Praying or not praying at the statue affects nothing in the game.

Energy Blast

Besaid Item Shop talking about dog digging something up
Before embarking on your great adventure with everyone. Head back to the village and talk to the item shop owner (1st tent left side) to recieve an information about her dog.
Valefor Energy Blast Besaid Hidden Quest Side Quest FF X Walkthrough Guide
Head to the third tent on the right to find the dog. Talk with it to get something mangled and slobbery.

Besaid Temple Cloister of Trials.

Besaid Temple Cloister of Trials
Your first Cloister of Trials. Everytime a summoner's temple is reached. You will have to solve puzzles to proceed the story. For a guide in solving the trials of Besaid Temple, see the link below.

Besaid Temple Cloister of Trials

Chapter 2 Boss Fights

Boss Fight Kimahri

Kimahri Boss Fight
Kimahri is the same guy standing guard for yuna during while she's praying at the temple. You can experience a game over here if you're not careful. For info on how to beat Kimahri,see the link below.
How to beat Kimahri

Chapter 2 Obtainable Key Items

Moon Crest

Moon Crest

The Moon Crest is found in the right side of the beach.

Al Bhed Primer Vol. II

Al Bhed Primer II

the Al Bhed Primer II is found lying on the floor near the desk inside the Crusader's lounge.

Chapter 2 Obtainable Items

Obtainable Items list
Antidote Items from Blitzers Items from the lake
Phoenix Down Items from the broken hut Rod of Wisdom
Farewell Gifts


FFX Antidote X2 Besaid
An antidote is located near the huts around the left side of the beach.

Items From Blitzers

200 Gil Potion x3
Hi-Potion Potion x2

Talk to the Blitzball players practicing in the beach, they will give you several items.

Items From the Lake

Phoenix Down Antidote Hi-Potion

There are several item obtainable from the lake in besaid.

Phoenix Down

FFX Besaid Village Phoenix Down
Found in the treasure chest after entering the village.

Items from the Broken Hut

Hi-Potion 400 Gil Potion x2

Items obtained in the broken hut after going through the patches of grass in the left side of the village.

Rod of Wisdom

FFX Besaid Cloister of Trials Rod of Wisdom Destuction Sphere
This item can be obtained by using the Destruction Sphere in the Besaid Cloister of Trials. For a guide on how to get the Rod of Wisdom, see the link below.
Besaid Temple Cloister of Trials

Farewell Gifts

Remedy Seeker's Ring Phoenix Downx3
Ether 400 Gil

Before leaving Besaid, talk to the villagers. They will give you farewell gifts.

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