How to Customize Weapon and Armor Beginner Tips and Tricks | Final Fantasy X

This page contains information about weapon and armor customization in the game Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remastered (FF 10, FFX).This page will teach you about customization, why you shold do it, and its effect in the game.


Adds Abilities to Equipments

Customization is a feature usable after a certain event in the game. Customization will allow you to bestow abilities to your equipments at the expense of materials.

How to Customize

Customize From the Menu

Customization can be accessed on the menu screen after a certain event. To customize, the player must have equipments with empty slots. Abilities can then be added to the empty slots improving the specific equipment.

Have the Necessary Items

Customizing will require items.Abilities you do not have the items for will not appear on your customization choices while abilities you have the items for but with an insufficient amount will appear in grey.

Ability List

Weapon Abilities

Ability Name
Sensor Piercing
First Strike Initiative
Firestrike Lightning Strike
Water Strike Ice Strike
Dark Touch Dark Strike
Silence Touch Silence Strike
Sleep Touch Sleep Strike
Poison Touch Poison Strike
Stone Touch Stone Strike
Death Touch Death Strike
Zombie Touch Zombie Strike
Slow Touch Slow Strike
Distill Power Distill Mana
Distill Speed Distill Ability
Strength + 3% Strength + 5%
Strength + 10% Strength + 20%
Magic + 3% Magic + 5%
Magic + 10% Magic + 20%
Counter attack Evade and Counter
Magic Counter Magic Booster
Alchemy Half MP Cost
One MP Cost Double AP
Triple AP Overdrive to AP
SOS Overdrive Double Overdrive
Triple Overdrive Gillionaire
Break Damage Linit

Armor Abilities

Ability Name
Fire Ward Fire Proof
Fire Eater Lightning Ward
Lightning Proof Lightning Eater
Water Ward Water Proof
Water Eater Ice Ward
Ice Proof Ice Eater
Dark Ward Dark Proof
Silence Ward Silence Proof
Sleep Ward Sleep Proof
Poison Ward Poison Proof
Stone Ward StorneProof
Death Ward Death Proof
Zombie Ward Zombie Proof
Slow Ward Slow Proof
Confuse Ward Confuse Proof
Berserk Ward Berserk Proof
Curse Proof SOS Nul Shock
SOS Nul Blaze SOS Nul Tide
SOS Nul Frost SOS Shell
SOS Protect SOS Reflect
SOS Haste SOS Regen
Auto-Shell Auto-Protect
Auto-Reflect Auto-Haste
Auto-Regen Defense + 3%
Defense + 5% Defense + 10%
Defense + 20% Magic Defense + 3%
Magic Defense + 5% Magic Defense + 10%
Magic Defense + 20% HP + 5%
HP + 10% HP + 20%
HP + 30% MP + 5%
MP + 10% MP + 20%
MP + 30% Auto-Potion
Auto-Med Auto-Phoenix
Pickpocket Master Thief
HP Stroll MP Stroll
No Encounters Break MP Limit
Break HP Limit Ribbon

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