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Final Fantasy X Yojimbo Abilities

This page contains information about the Aeon Yojimbo in the game Final Fantasy X (FFX , FF10). Read on to know about this specific Aeon and its abilities.

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The First Optional Aeon

Yojimbo Boss Fight

Yojimbo is an non-elemental aeon and is also the strongest Aeon in the whole Final Fantasy Franchise.. Yojimbo is the first optional Aeon you can obtain and can be obtained by clearing the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. There are other steps to obtain Yojimbo which is explained in the link below.
How to Obtain Yojimbo Tips and Walkthrough

Yojimbo Abilities

Daigoro Sends out his pet Daigoro to attack the enemy.
Lowers Yojimbo's affinity.
Kozuka Yojimbo reveals his kunai and throws it at a single enemy, dealing damage.
Does not affect Yojimbo's affinity.
Wakizashi Yojimbo draws his katana and attacks an enemy/all enemies. Wakizashi is Yojimbo's highest damage dealing ability.
Increases Yojimbo's affinity.
Zanmato A lengthy, dramatic cinematic plays. All enemies gets divided into two after the play ends and results in an instant victory.
Increases Yojimbo's affinity.

Yojimbo's Abilities

Yojimbo Cannot Learn Abilities

Yojimbo is a unique Aeon in that he cannot learn any abilities. His moves are locked to his 4 special attacks.

The probability of using each moves depends on Yojimbo's Payment, the Overdrive Gauge, Zanmato Level, and Yojimbo's Compatibility/Affinity towards Yuna.

Yojimbo's Compatibility/Affinity

Pay Him Decently

Yojimbo will be more willing to use better moves such Wakizashi and Zanmato depending on Yojimbo's Payment and Compatibility. As shown from the chart above, Using Daigoro and Kozuka has negative/no effects on Yojimbo's affinity so making sure that Yojimbo uses Wakizashi/Zanmato is important to increase his compatibility/affinity.

Don't Let Him Die

Letting Yojimbo die will decrease his affinity/compatibility towards Yuna. This makes using Yojimbo as an Aeon Shield against lethal attacks unadvisable. Avoid letting Yojimbo die at all cost!

Don't Summon Him for No Reason

Summoning Yojimbo then dismissing him immediately will cause his compatibility/affinity to decrease. Don't be bad to Yojimbo or he'll hate you.

Yojimbo Compatibility Summary

Yojimbo's Compatibility falls lower whenever the following happens.

  • Yojimbo Gets dismissed before even making a turn.
  • Yojimbo Dies
  • Yojimbo gets little to no payment
  • Yojimbo uses Daigoro

Yojimbo's Compatibility raises whenever the following happens.

  • Yojimbo uses Wakizashi
  • Yojimbo uses Zanmato

A good way to check compatibility is to check the moves Yojimbo is using. If yojimbo uses wakizashi a lot more often then Yojimbo's Compatibility is high. If Yojimbo however, uses Kozuka and Daigoro more than the two former moves, then it might be wise to start paying Yojimbo more.

Yojimbo's Randomness

Yojimbo Cannot Be Fully Controlled

While it might be possible to increase the chances of better moves being used by Yojimbo. The sole factor that decides his move is still randomness and the player's (not Yuna) luck.

Pay More To Use Better Moves

Make sure to Pay Yojimbo more to be able to use better moves. These moves also increases Yojimbo's affinity which can make yojimbo's affinity increase by loads once he starts never using weaker moves.

How Much Should I Pay Yojimbo?

Pay By Using the Geometric Series + 1

Yojimbo Boss Fight

The Geometric number series or much more recognizable by the number sequence 1, 2, 4, 8... N is the milestone point for each motivation point that is used by Yojimbo's AI. The sequence starts with 4 and increases Yojimbo's motivation by 1 for each milestone. Pay 4 gil and motivation increases to 1, paying him 8 gil to increase his motivation to 2 and so on. We'll spare you the intricate formula for Yojimbo's AI but just remember this number sequence when paying Yojimbo to avoid wasting Gil.

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