How to Switch Characters

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This is a guide on how to switch between characters in FFXV and how to control them!

Switching Characters

Ascension Ability

To be able to switch to one of your party members, you must first unlock the Ascension ability under the Techniques Astralsphere corresponding to that character. Each of the nodes require 20 AP to unlock.

Name AP Effect
Change to Gladiolus 20 Take control of Gladiolus mid-battle with L1 + L2.
Change to Ignis 20 Take control of Ignis mid-battle with L1 + L2.
Change to Prompto 20 Take control of Prompto mid-battle with L1 + L2.

Switching Between Characters in Battle

Switch characters

After unlocking the ascension ability, hold L1 + L2 in the middle of a battle to choose which member you want to switch to using the Dpad. Their controls and battle styles are the same as in their respective episodes.

Gladiolus Controls

Change to Gladiolus

Gladiolus's damage increases as you build up his Rage meter which you can do so by perfect blocking an attack (same as Noctis's blink). Parrying after blocking an attack also increases fills the Rage meter.

Landing an attack adds to his own tech bar. Pressing will make him perform a technique which changes depending on the number of segments of the tech bar available. Using a technique will deplete the tech bar completely afterwards.

Ignis Controls

Change to Ignis

Ignis's damage output increases the more you chain your attacks.

Use the Dpad to change between enchantments. Each of these enchantments give different effects on your attacks.

  • Flamebind works best against single targets and enemies weak against fire.
  • Frostbind works best against grouped targets and enemies weak against ice.
  • Stormbind works best against fast moving targets and enemies weak against lightning.

Hold to collect your thoughts, dodge attacks, or perform counterstrikes to fill the yellow meter. Press while the yellow meter is full to achieve Total Clarity, enhancing the effects of your enchantments.

Prompto Controls

Change to Prompto

Prompto's weapon damage works the same as Noctis's ranged weapons. The closer the target, the higher the damage.

Use the Dpad to change between weapons. Each weapon has an ammo limit except for the pistol.

After you have consumed all of the ammo of a weapon, it will reload after a few seconds. Take note that it will not start reloading if there are still ammo left.

While using the pistol, it will automatically lock on a target so just press or hold R1 to fire.

While using the SMG or Bazooka, hold L1 to aim then fire by pressing or holding R1. You can also move using the Left stick and adjust your aim using the Right stick while shooting.

To use the Lumen Flare, simply hold R1 and adjust your aim using the Left stick before releasing R1 to throw the grenade.

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