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Intergrade FAQ: What is Intergrade?

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Not sure what Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is? We'll answer all of your questions about the PS5 port here!

Intergrade FAQ

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What is Intergrade?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is an enhanced port that takes advantage of the PS5's hardware and controller to increase the resolution, texture, quality, lighting, and more.

Intergrade: All New Features

Can Intergrade Be Played on PS4?

Unfortunately Intergrade's new features are optimized for the PS5 so there will be no way to play the enhanced version on PS4.

Can the PS4 Version Be Upgraded to Intergrade?

Yes! Those who own a physical or digital copy of the PS4 version of FF7 Remake will be able to upgrade to Intergrade free of charge. They will have to purchase the Yuffie DLC separately, however.

Can My PS4 Save Data Transfer to Intergrade?

As long as you have updated the PS4 version of FF7 Remake to 1.02 you can access the Save Data Upload from the title menu to get your save data ready for the PS5 release.

How to Upgrade FF7 Remake and Transfer Save Data to PS5

Can My PS4 Trophies also Transfer?

When you transfer your save data to Intergrade any trophy you earned in the PS4 version will be unlocked in the PS5 version.

Can I Play FF7 Remake on PS4 if I buy Intergrade?

While you can upgrade from PS4 to PS5, if you didn't previously own the PS4 version and directly purchase Intergrade the reverse is unfortunately not possible.

What is the New Yuffie Episode?

Officially called INTERmission, this brand new episode is a 2 chapter story separate from the main game following everyone's favorite ninja, Yuffie Kisaragi, as she teams up with new allies to steal the ultimate materia from Shinra.

How Do I Play the Yuffie Episode?

When you boot up Intergrade on PS5, simply press the R2 button after INTERmission has been downloaded to switch to the INTERmission title screen to begin the game.

Is the Yuffie Episode Available on PS4?

Unfortunately according to Square Enix, INTERmission is optimized for PS5 and thus will not be made available on PS4 at this time.

INTERmission: Yuffie Episode Guide

Is the Yuffie Episode Free?

Free With Intergrade, Paid With Upgrade

As there are two methods to obtaining the new INTERmission DLC, whether you have to pay or not depends on which you choose.

Method Price
Purchase Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Free
Upgrade from the PS4 Version $19.99

Can the Free PS4 DLC Be Used in Intergrade?

The 3 summons as well as the 5 accessories have been released in a single DLC pack free to download for everyone. Keep in mind that the PS4 versions will still need to access the summons and accessories through the original means of acquisition.


What Versions of Intergrade Are There?

Aside from your typical Physical and Digital editions, there is also a Digital Deluxe edition for purchase on the PlayStation Store with some extra goodies.

Intergrade: All Game Editions

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