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This is a guide to using items in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Read on to learn more about using items during and outside combat!

How to Use Items

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Items can be obtained from almost anywhere such as Shinra boxes, chests, and quest rewards. You can also purchase items from shops and vending machines scattered around every map.

Using Items During Combat

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Consumable items are used by opening the Commands Menu and selecting Items. Items consume 1 ATB bar each use during combat but will not consume MP unlike using abilities acquired from Magic Materias.

Using Items Outside Combat


Some items are also usable outside combat, which are only limited to recovery items. You can use recovery items like Potions to recover HP or Ether to recover MP without having to worry about enemies interrupting your actions. You can use items outside combat as long as you still have that item in stock and it will not cost you anything else like ATB bars or MP.

Multiuse Function


You can also use multiples of an item without closing the Command Menu. This is very useful when you need to use recovery items like Potions on different party members or using more than one item for the same party member.

Simply hold L1 while selecting a member to use an item to and you can quickly give them the recovery that they need.

This function also works with Cure spells but both are only usable outside combat.

Types of Items

Recovery Items

Recovery items are the type of items that you will mostly use in the game. These items recover HP, MP, or both and can also remove status ailments which can help you get through battles with ease. Recovery items like Maiden's Kiss and Antidote are unusable outside combat since status ailments are automatically removed once you exit combat.

Below is a list of recovery items found in the game.

Item Effect
Turbo Ether Fully restores MP.
Smelling Salts Wakes someone up.
Sedative Quells one's fury.
Remedy Cures all ailments.
Potion Restores 350 HP.
Phoenix Down Revives and restores a small amount of HP.
Mega-Potion Restores 1500 HP.
Maiden's Kiss Removes toad-related curses.
Hi-Potion Restores 700 HP.
Ether Restores 20 MP.
Elixir Fully restores HP and MP.
Echo Mist Cures silence.
Antidote Cures poison.
Adrenaline Rouses one from a stupor.

Battle Items

Battle items are items that deal damage or inflict status ailments to enemies except for Celeris, which grants haste to your selected party member instead.

Below is a list of battle items found in the game.

Item Effect
Spiderweb Slows nearby enemies within range.
Orb of Gravity Reduces HP of enemies within range by 25%. Ineffective against powerful enemies.
Mr. Cuddlesworth A cute stuffed animal. Also an explosive.
Molotov Cocktail Deals 90 fire damage to enemies within range multiple times.
Hazardous Material Poisons and deals 50 physical damage to enemies within range.
Grenade Deals 200 physical damage to enemies within range.
Fuzzy Wuzzy A cute stuffed animal. Also an explosive.
Celeris Hastens whoever drinks it.
Big Bomber Deals 500 physical damage to enemies within range.

Other Items

There are items that are not meant to be used normally like how you use recovery items and battle items such as Key items. Key items cannot be consumed or sold as you will need it to progress through the story or access certain parts of the game.

There is also another item that does not fall under any of the item categories mentioned above, which is the AI Programming Core. Multiples of this item are obtained during the Waste Recovery discovery quest or stolen from Airbuster and is only meant to be sold for extra Gil.

Items in Hard Dificulty

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To make the Hard difficulty of the game much harder, using items are completely disabled at any point of the game unless you choose a chapter using Chapter Selection and switch to another difficulty. This will force you to rely on rest areas and healing materias to recover HP outside combat.

However, you can still buy and sell items in shops and vending machines normally.

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