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How to Get the Best Accessories

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This page lists the best accessories in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The best accessories will be listed and ranked here based on their effects and usefulness. Read on to find out which accessories you should equip and where to find the best accessories in FF7 Remake!

Best Accessories (Top 5)

1st Gotterdammerung
Start battle with a full Limit Gauge.
2nd Champion Belt
Increases max HP and strength.
3rd Transference Module
Using ATB increases the Limit Gauge.
4th Circlet
Increases max MP and magic power.
5th Healing Carcanet
Increases healing.

1st: Gotterdammerung

Accessory Effect
Gotterdammerung.jpgGotterdammerung Enter battle with a full limit break gauge. Limit break gauge gradually fills during battle.
Limit Breaks are powerful so Gotterdammerung allows you to use them more often
How to Obtain
Shinra Combat Simulator - Clear Vs. Top Secret

Has No Downsides

Due to the incredible strength of Limit Breaks, the Limit Gauge doesn't fill up as fast as one would like. Equipping this accessory completely negates this, allowing you to equip it without problems.

Gotterdammerung can only be obtained by defeating the Superboss that's exclusive to Hard Mode, so clearing the game once is necessary.

2nd: Champion Belt

Accessory Effect
Champion Belt.jpgChampion Belt Increases max HP by 10%.
Increases strength by 5%.
Everyone except Aerith is a primarily physical attacker
Increases survivability as well as damage output
Incredibly versatile
How to Obtain
Clear the Squatting Mini-Game on Pro difficulty
Clear the Pull-Up Mini-Game on Pro difficulty
Steal from Grungy Bandit

An All-Rounder Accessory

The versatility of this accesory makes it a great choice, as it will boost the damage you deal as well as keep you alive longer. The majority of abilities are considered physical so this accessory is great when equipped on Cloud, Tifa, or Barret.

3rd: Transference Module

Accessory Effect
Transference Module.jpgTransference Module Consuming ATB charges fills the limit gauge.
Limit Breaks are strong so anything that increases the rate you can use them is useful.
How to Obtain
Get 30,000 or more points in Whack-a-Box's Hard difficulty

Can be used in place of the Gotterdammerung

While the effects on the Limit Gauge are lacking in comparison to the Gotterdammerung, it is still useful in that you will be able to use Limit Breaks more frequently. When compared to the Spectral Cogwheel, the amount of Limit Gauge you get for using abilities isn't much different but the Transference Module will save you MP.

Can be obtained on Hard Mode.

4th: Circlet

Accessory Effect
Circlet.jpgCirclet Increases max MP by 10%
Increases magic power by 5%.
Great on Hard Mode where you can't restore MP.
Recommended for characters using magic builds.
How to Obtain
Progress through Corneo's Secret Stash - Found in a treasure chest in the Steel Mountain Stash

Equip on Aerith or someone using magic

While this accessory is most effective when equipped on Aerith, Cloud with the Mythril Saber can also take advantage of the magic power boost.

Playing on Hard Mode running out of MP can cause problems, but there are better accessories to equip to physical fighters.

5th: Healing Carcanet

Accessory Effect
Healing Carcanet.jpgHealing Carcanet Increases the effectiveness of healing items, spells, and abilities.
Getting the most out of healing is a must.
How to Obtain
Chapter 13 - Found inside a chest behind some debris that you can shoot away

Healing boost

While this is best equipped on Aerith who already has a high magic stat and healing power, when Aerith isn't in the party this can be freely given to whoever you choose to be your designated healer. As this accessory only increases healing, it's best to use a different accessory if your healing is already sufficient.

Why These Accessories?

Reason #1 Versatility
Reason #2 Usefulness on Hard Mode
Reason #3 Strength of the effect and how many party members can utilize them

Runner-Up Recommendations

Crescent Moon Charm

Accessory Effect
Crescent Moon Charm.jpgCrescent Moon Charm Reduces damage taken when equipped by non-active characters.
Obtained at the beginning and can be used the entire game.
How to Obtain
Alone at Last
・Get 20,000 points or more in Whack-a-Box on either difficulty

Can be used from start to finish

When you don't have Steadfast Block at the beginning of the game to reduce damage or during a summon's ultimate ability that can't be blocked, the Crescent Moon Charm can be made use of throughout the entire game.

Whistlewind Scarf

Accessory Effect
Whistlewind Scarf.jpgWhistlewind Scarf Enter battle with a slightly filled ATB gauge.
Can more quickly use abiltiies at the beginning of battle
How to Obtain
Exchanged for 3 Moogle Medals at the Moogle Emporium

Good for when you want to use abilities immediately

Similar to the First Strike Materia, this will allow you to start a battle with your ATB gauge slightly filled. This accessory is great for when you want to quickly pull off a support ability or stagger an enemy.

Fury Ring

Accessory Effect
Fury Ring.jpgFury Ring Enter battle with the berserk status effect.
(Attack power and damage taken increased by 30%)
Increase your damage done with the risk of taking more as well.
How to Obtain
Chapter 9 - Squeeze through some books on the first floor of Corneo's Mansion to find a treasure chest

Comes At a Risk But Increases Damage

While you will take 30% more damage, you will deal 30% more as well. Equipping this on characters other than Cloud is recommended, as holding the □ Button while in his Punisher mode will put him into the Berserk status for a short period of time.

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2 Anonymousover 3 years

He's called 'Grungy Bandit'. He hits hard, but all his attacks are easy to avoid. Just bait his attacks and then attack him from behind and use the ATB for stealing if you need the belt.

1 Anonymousalmost 4 years

Champion belt can be stolen from the bigger of the bandit/thief enemies, the one that picks you up and slams you i to the ground, cant remember the name but Just did it 20 min ago, on the route with the robotic hand environment puzzle


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