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Dance Off Minigame Rewards | How to Get a Perfect Score and Unlock the Dancing Queen Trophy

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This is a guide to the Dance Minigame in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R), as well as obtainable rewards and trophies. Learn how to get a perfect score in dance practice, and how to unlock the Dancing Queen trophy during the dance off scene.

How to Unlock the Dance Minigame

Can be done one time only in Chapter 9

How to Unlock Chapter 9: After getting Aerith's Dress
Trophy Dancing Queen

The Dance Off Minigame is something that you will have to clear one time (and one time only) in order to progress through the story. Even if you put your controller down and miss every single note, you'll still progress through the story.

This section occurs after obtaining Aerith's dress in Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps, and getting called up to the stage of the Honeybee Inn by Andrea.

Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps Story Guide & Walkthrough

How to Get a Perfect Score in the Dance Minigame

How to Get a Perfect Score
CheckmarkMake sure to save beforehand!

CheckmarkPress the buttons in time with the rhythm

CheckmarkPay attention to the outline of the buttons!

Make sure to save beforehand!

Once you go into the Dance Off, you won't get another chance to play it until after you've beaten the game and unlocked chapter selection. If you want to get the best score you can, be sure and save beforehand.

Press the buttons in time with the rhythm

Since this minigame is basically just a rhythm game, the most important thing to do is to press the buttons in time. You'll have to press the buttons a total of 28 times, so listen to the music and stay in time!

Pay attention to the outline of the buttons!

Input Timing.jpg

In addition to the rhythm of the music, paying attention to the outlines of the buttons will make this minigame easier to clear. Press the button when the outline closes in on it, as shown in the picture above. There isn't much else to it.

Additionally, the buttons may sometimes be hidden behind the characters dancing, so keep focused on their positions.

Dance Scene (Video)

Getting a perfect score

The video above shows a demonstration of obtaining a perfect score during the dance scene (the scene starts from 36 seconds in). Although the text is in Japanese, you can apply the rhythm of button inputs shown here to your own playthrough. Each section where Aerith is shown is marked as a phase.

# of Inputs Notes
1 through 8
(Phase 1)
#5 and #6 are back to back, so watch out.
9 through 17
(Phase 2)
#13 and #14 can be hard to see due to the camera angle.
18 through 28
(Phase 3)
#26 will be very close to the screen. When the dance ends, don't get careless just yet, as you still need to wait around for #28ーthe final input.

How to Unlock the Dancing Queen Trophy

Dancing Queen

Trophy How to Obtain
Dancing Queen Receive a gift from Andrea for being a dance superstar

You'll receive the Dancing Queen trophy for achieving a high rating in the Dance Off.

Aerith's reaction will let you know how you did

Aerith Reaction.jpg

Aerith's reaction at the very end of the dance off will be an indicator of whether or not you did well enough to get the trophy. If you are able to do well enough to get the trophy, Aerith will yell “Nice moves! I love it!”. However, if you did not quite get it, she will remark that it wasn't awful.

Get a CD for a perfect practice session


If you manage to get a perfect score on the dance training section, you'll receive the CD 26: Let the Battles Begin! -REMAKE-. You can repeat this section multiple times, so if you want the Disc Jockey trophy for obtaining all CDs, be sure and pick this one up.

CD Locations | Jukebox Songs

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