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How to Beat The Valkyrie | Boss Fight Guide (Normal & Hard)


This is a guide to beating the Boss The Valkyrie in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). This article explains The Valkyrie's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating it on both Normal and Hard Mode.

The Valkyrie Stats and Information

Basic Information

The Valkyrie
The Valkyrie Enemy Icon
Species Movement Type
Mechanical Flying Boss


A high-speed aerial weapon manufactured by Shinra's Advanced Weaponry Division. Its giant cannon launches grenades and status-ailment bombs.

Assess (Tips)

Melee, lightning, and wind attacks rapidly fill its stagger gauge, but long-range and magic attacks have only a slight effect. All attacks have a slight effect on its stagger gauge during Limiter.

The Valkyrie Stats

Easy Normal Hard
HP 28373 51588 84888
Attack 191 328
Magic Attack 191 328
Defense 206 342
Magic Defense 117 194

The Valkyrie Weaknesses & Resistances

Weakness / Status Ailments Lightning, Wind
Lesser Resistances Stop
Greater Resistances Fixed Damage, Proportional Damage
Immunities Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Stop, Berserk
Absorbed Elements -

Stagger Rates

×2 ×0.25 ×0.5 ×1
×1 ×1.25※ ×1.75 -

Stagger Length

Stagger Length 10 seconds


Easy/Normal Hard
Gil 1200 2250
AP 10 30
Exp 1200 4500
Items Dropped Cog Bangle (100%)
Rare Items Dropped -
Steal -

Learnable Enemy Skills

No Enemy Skills can be learned from The Valkyrie.

List of Enemy Skills

The Valkyrie Boss Fight Guide

The Valkyrie Abilities and Attack Patterns

Name Element Blockable? Knockdown? Status
physical.pngMark 98 Rotary Cannons
- Yes No -
Fires at the party with its gatling guns.
magical.pngMark 99 Anti-fiend Artillery
fire.png Yes No -
Fires 2 rockets simultaneously at the party 3 times.
magical.pngNapalm Drop
fire.png No No -
Drops napalm onto the battlefield, lighting areas on fire for 12 seconds (24 on Hard mode).
magical.pngAntipersonnel Gas
Phase 2.jpg Phase 3.jpg
- No No
poison.png (120 sec)
sleep.png (15 sec)
Drops gas bombs in 4 directions onto the battlefield, leaving gas clouds that cause Poison and Sleep for 12 seconds (24 on Hard mode).
physical.pngDrill Dive
Phase 2.jpg Phase 3.jpg
- Yes Yes -
Begins spinning and pierces the ground with its drill.
Phase 2.jpg Phase 3.jpg
- Yes No -
Stabs its drill into the ground and chases a target while spinning.
Phase 2.jpg Phase 3.jpg
fire.png Yes/No No -
Uses Mark 98 Rotary Cannons, Mark 99 Anti-fiend Artillery, and Napalm Drop all at once.
Limiter Override
Phase 3.jpg
- - - -
Shields itself, increasing its magical and elemental defense, as well as boosting its movement speed.
magical.pngParticle Cannon (Drone)
Phase 3.jpg
- No Yes -
A beam of light that follows a target and if touched will shoot a particle ray in 2 seconds (1 on Hard mode). The Valkyrie can be hit by the Particle Cannon as well but only if baited by a party member.

*Status Effects and Ailments Guide

Best Characters for This Boss

Available Characters

Cloud IconCloud Barret IconBarret Tifa IconTifa

Best Characters and Equipment

Because The Valkyrie will stay in the air for much of the first Phase, it's recommended to focus on attacking with Barret. Equip Barret's weapon with Elemental Materia + Lightning Materia to maximize damage.

Cloud Icon.jpegCloud Role: Attacker & Healer
Weapon: Mythril Saber
Armor: Heavy Duty Bracer
Accessory: Otherworldly Crystal
Tifa Icon.jpegTifa Role: Attacker
Weapon: Mythril Claws
Armor: Gothic Bangle
Accessory: Mythical Amulet
Barret Icon.jpegBarret Role: Tank & Long-Range Attacker
Weapon: Big Bertha
Armor: Mythril Armlet
Accessory: Healing Carcanet

When it's Staggered, come in with Cloud or Tifa and use hard-hitting melee attacks. You can also use this opportunity to increase your party's damage output by using Cloud's Infinity's End.

Best Materia for Cloud

The number of slots in your Weapon may vary depending on your Weapon Level.

Weapon (5 Slots)
Armor (3 Slots)

Best Materia for Tifa

Weapon (4 Slots)
Armor (3 Slots)

Best Materia for Barret

Weapon (5 Slots)
Armor (2 Slots)

During the battle, use Barret to deal damage with his lightning-infused attacks and Thundaga. Since Barret is also equipped with Warding Materia linked to Binding and Poison Materias, he will also gain resistance to the effects of Antipersonnel Gas.

Cloud will be your healer for this battle so be sure to equip him with Magic Up materia to increase his healing output and HP Up materia to make him endure more hits.

Save Tifa's MP so she can use Raise (or Arise) whenever an ally is downed. Since she is using her ATB charges mostly to revive downed members, which should not be happening a lot of times during the battle, use these charges to summon Ifrit and issue summon skills.

The Valkyrie Attack Phases

Phase 1

Phase Point Summary
1 You'll be on a narrow, slanted platform.
1 The Valkyrie will fly around off the stage, out of range of most melee attacks.
2 It will use Mark 98 Rotary Cannons and Mark 99 Anti-fiend Artillery.

Phase 2

Phase Point Summary
1 You'll move to a wider, flat platform.
2 The Valkyrie will stay closer, hovering just over the ground, within the range of attack for all party members.
3 Right off the bat, it will use Antipersonnel Gas. Watch the ground and dodge!
4 It will use its previously listed attacks, as well as Drill Dive, immediately followed by Bombardment. When it uses Drill Dive, stay out of the way and wait for the attack to end.

Phase 3

Phase Point Summary
1 It will start off out of reach and immediately use Limiter Override. It will also release a laser satellite at the same time. The attack from the satellite takes a long time to charge, so you should be able to avoid it easily.
2 Will continue to use Limiter Override throughout the Phase.

Tips & Strategies for Beating The Valkyrie

Strategy Checklist
(Click to jump)

Use Lightning Materia


Like other mechs, The Valkyrie suffers from a serious weakness to Lightning Magic. It's suggested to equip all three party members with Lightning Materia before the battle, and be sure at least one is powered up to Level 3 by this point, unlocking Thundaga.

It's highly recommended to give Elemental Materia + Lightning Materia to Barret, so his bullets will deal extra damage to The Valkyrie throughout the fight. Since he's the only ranged fighter available, this will provide a steady source of damage even when The Valkyrie is out of reach.

Other combinations, like Synergy Materia + Lightning Materia, can also be helpful to stack on.

Prepare Immunity to Sleep


The Valkyrie's Antipersonnel Gas Ability can put your best fighters to Sleep in the middle of the fight. Its Poison effect can be remedied quickly, but it's best to ensure that you can avoid sleep using Accessories such as the Headband, or combinations like Warding Materia + Binding Materia which provide immunity to Sleep.

Hide Behind the Wall


In the second phase of the fight, there will be a wall available which The Valkyrie's bullets can't penetrate. Use this when The Valkyrie is preparing an Ability, then come back around to fire off a stream of bullets with Barret.

That said, keep in mind that the wall can't protect from the laser attack from the satellite, so be sure to dodge this attack as it's charging up.

Pierce Limiter Override with the Laser

Satellite Laser.jpg

When The Valkyrie uses Limiter Override, it becomes resistant to all types of attacks, which also causes your attacks to have almost no effect on its stagger gauge.

Once the barrier is up, you can pierce it using its own laser satellite. Lure the satellite towards The Valkyrie until it starts to charge, then dodge to avoid receiving massive damage from the laser attack.

If the laser hits The Valkyrie, it will pop the Limiter Override barrier, deal a lot of damage to it, and will significantly fill its stagger gauge.

This is the most effective way to deal with the effects of Limiter Override as The Valkyrie will just use it again immediately once the effects of the previous barrier ends.

The Valkyrie: Hard Mode Guide

Best Characters and Equipment

Cloud Icon.jpegCloud Weapon: Mythril Saber
Armor: Force Bracelet
Accessory: Criclet
Tifa Icon.jpegTifa Weapon: Feathered Gloves
Armor: Force Bracelet
Accessory: Champion Belt
Barret Icon.jpegBarret Weapon: Light Machinge Gun
Armor: Chain Bangle
Accessory: Healing Carcanet

Best Materia to Use

The number of slots in your Weapon may vary depending on your Weapon Level.


Weapon (6 Slots)
Armor (4 Slots)


Weapon (6 Slots)
Armor (4 Slots)


Weapon (6 Slots)
Armor (4 Slots)
Strategy Checklist

Switch Characters Constantly

When it is using one of its attacks it will focus on the character you are controlling at the moment. You will be holding block most of the time otherwise so it is best to switch immediately and start attacking with your other party members.

Only Has Wind as Its Weakness

Unlike in normal mode, Valkyrie has no weakness to Lightning magic this time around. Make sure you have Wind materia equipped and time your spells right to make sure they hit!

Watch Your MP Usage

The Valkryie fight functions very simiilarly to its Normal Mode counterpart so your main objective is still to hit its weakpoints and stagger it. However, the inability to use items to recover MP means you must be wary of your surroundings to minimize how much you use healing magic.

Be Sure To Bring Healing Materia

On Hard Mode, the Valkyrie's attacks are incredibly strong and can trap a character leading to their death, so be sure to have Healing and Revive Materia equipped to prepare for the worst case.

Be watchful for its Antipersonnel Gas as well, as it will inflict Sleep and Poison on whoever it hits. To combat this, have a Cleansing Materia equipped on one of your characters.

Stay Away From Its Laser!

The laser that appears on the battlefield during phase 3 can deal around 5000 damage to anyone it hits, possibly leading to death, so more than before make sure to keep away from it!

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Just make sure you have Resist on atleast 2 allies. Most importantly keeping your party hastened, utilize your elemental materia and make Barrett shoot the living crap out of kit with lightning. Make him the lead, keep a character like tifa or Cloud have healing-Magnify pairing and so long as your re applying the regen/cures this will make rebuffing haste and resist hardly any trouble. It may also be a good idea to manawall barrett. Then thundara or Ga for the win


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