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This is a list of all enemies appearing in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Here you can find all 114 enemies in FF7 Remake, arranged by number (ID). In addition, this page will list enemy locations and explain the different enemy types found in FF7R.

Enemy List and Locations

No. Name Locations
78 Rude Sector 5 Slums
37 Hoodlum Sector 7 Slums
50 Cerulean Drake Sector 7 Slums, Train Graveyard, Fallen Plate
4 Elite Grenadier Upper Sector 7
7 Flametrooper Corkscrew Tunnel
52 Grashtrike Corkscrew Tunnel, Sector 4 Plate
49 Lesser Drake Sector 7 Slums, Sector 6 Slums, Train Graveyard
53 Queen Grashtrike Corkscrew Tunnel
22 Sentry Launcher Upper Sector 7, Corkscrew Tunnel
25 Slug-Ray Corkscrew Tunnel, Mako Reactor 5, Sector 7 Slums Pillar
6 Elite Riot Trooper Mako Reactor 5, Sector 7 Slums Pillar, Shinra Building
9 Elite Shock Trooper Mako Reactor 5, Sector 7 Slums Pillar, Shinra Building
10 Armored Shock Trooper Shinra Building
11 Enhanced Shock Trooper Shinra Building
12 Helitrooper Sector 7 Slums Pillar, Fallen Plate
13 Elite Helitrooper Fallen Plate
14 3-C Soldier Operator Fallen Plate, Shinra Building
17 Bloodhound Coreno Colosseum, Sector 7 Slums (Post Collapse), Shinra Building
19 Mark II Monodrive Sector 5 Slums, Sector 7 Slums (Post Collapse), Shinra Building
26 Shock-Ray Sector 7 Slums Pillar, Fallen Plate, Shinra Building
27 Blast-Ray Fallen Plate, Shinra Building
29 Sweeper Prototype Sector 6 Slums
30 Cutter Mako Reactor 5, Sector 7 Slums (Post Collapse)
33 Zenene Shinra Building
34 Sledgeworm Shinra Building
35 Brain Pod Shinra Building
83 Airbuster Mako Reactor 5
36 Swordipede Shinra Building
38 Corneo Lackey Sector 6 Slums
39 Beastmaster Corneo Colosseum, Sector 6 Slums (Post Collapse)
40 Bandit Sector 6 Slums
41 Beck Sector 6 Slums
42 Butch Sector 6 Slums
43 Burke Sector 6 Slums
44 Grungy Bandit Sector 6 Slums
48 Ringmaw Sector 5 Slums (Post Collapse)
55 Blugu Sector 4 Plate, Sewer System
56 Terpsicolt Sector 4 Plate, Sector 6 Slums
57 Hedgehog Pie Sector 5 Slums
59 Smogger Sector 5 Slums
61 Scissorclaw Sewer System
62 Sahagin Sewer System
64 Cripshay Train Graveyard
65 Ghost Train Graveyard
69 Varghidpolis Sector 6 Slums (Post Collapse), Sector 7 Slums (Post Collapse), Shinra Building
71 Byobapolis Fallen Plate
77 Reno Sector 5 Slums
84 The Valkyrie Fallen Plate
45 Wererat Sector 7 Slums, Corkscrew Tunnel, Sector 5 Slums
5 Riot Trooper Upper Sector 8, Upper Sector 7, Mako Reactor 5
87 Specimen H0512 Shinra Building
3 Grenadier Upper Sector 8, Upper Sector 7, Corskscrew Tunnel
47 Gorger Sector 7 Slums, Sector 5 Slums
89 Jenova Dreamweaver Shinra Building
2 Elite Security Officer Sector 7 Slums, Upper Sector 7, Corkscrew Tunnel
90 Hell House Corneo Colosseum
91 Abzu Sewer System
92 Abzu Shoat Sewer System (Post Collapse)
93 Mischievous Shoat Sewer System (Post Collapse)
94 Ghoul Train Graveyard
95 Eligor Train Graveyard
96 Failed Experiment Sector 7 Slums (Post Collapse)
31 Jury-Rigged Cutter Corneo Colosseum
67 Tonberry Sector 5 Slums (Post Collapse)
73 Bomb Corneo Colosseum
98 Type-0 Behemoth Sector 7 Slums (Post Collapse)
- Rude - Ch. 12 Sector 7 Pillar
- Reno - Ch. 12 Sector 7 Pillar
1 Security Officer Mako Reactor 1, Upper Sector 8, Sector 7 Slums
15 Guard Dog Mako Reactor 1, Upper Sector 8, Sector 7 Slums
18 Monodrive Mako Reactor 1, Mako Reactor 5, Sector 7 Slums (Post Collapse)
28 Sweeper Mako Reactor 1, Upper Sector 7
8 Shock Trooper Mako Reactor 1, Upper Sector 8, Upper Sector 7, Sector 7 Slums
75 The Huntsman Upper Sector 8
76 Roche Upper Sector 7
- Hoodlum A Sector 7 Slums
- Hoodlum B Sector 7 Slums
- Hoodlum C Sector 7 Slums
- Hoodlum D Sector 7 Slums
82 Crab Warden Corkscrew Tunnel

Enemy Types

Human Enemies

Human enemies are humans wielding deadly weapons, augmented by powerful magic, or a mix of both. They are generally weak to fire attacks.

List of Human Enemies

List of Human Enemies
Rude Hoodlum Elite Grenadier Flametrooper
Elite Riot Trooper Elite Shock Trooper Enhanced Shock Trooper Helitrooper
Elite Helitrooper 3-C Soldier Operator Corneo Lackey Beastmaster
Bandit Beck Butch Burke
Grungy Bandit Reno Riot Trooper Grenadier
Elite Security Officer Rude - Ch. 12 Reno - Ch. 12 Security Officer
Shock Trooper The Huntsman Roche Hoodlum A
Hoodlum B Hoodlum C Hoodlum D

List of Human Enemies

Biological Enemies

Biological enemies are beings that have been given life naturally, though some of them are given artificial enhancements and have mutated. These enemies become hostile when threatened or when trained and commanded to attack.

List of Biological Enemies

List of Biological Enemies
Cerulean Drake Grashtrike Lesser Drake Queen Grashtrike
Bloodhound Ringmaw Blugu Terpsicolt
Hedgehog Pie Scissorclaw Sahagin Cripshay
Wererat Gorger Abzu Abzu Shoat
Mischievous Shoat Tonberry Guard Dog

List of Biological Enemies

Artificial Life Enemies

Artificial Life enemies are manmade beings. These enemies are created and weaponized to be used as tools of destruction.

List of Artificial Life Enemies

List of Artificial Life Enemies
Mark II Monodrive Zenene Brain Pod Swordipede
Varghidpolis Byobapolis Specimen H0512 Hell House
Failed Experiment Bomb Type-0 Behemoth Monodrive

List of Artificial Life Enemies

Mechanical Enemies

Enemies that are composed of machineries and electronics are classified as Mechanical. These enemies are usually armed with high tech weaponries and are used to guard important sectors. They are usually weak to lightning magic.

List of Mechanical Enemies

List of Mechanical Enemies
Sentry Launcher Slug-Ray Armored Shock Trooper Shock-Ray
Blast-Ray Sweeper Prototype Cutter Sledgeworm
Airbuster Smogger The Valkyrie Jury-Rigged Cutter
Sweeper Crab Warden

List of Mechanical Enemies

Unreadable Enemies

Unreadable enemies are those who are shrouded with mystery. These enemies are known to have inconcievable abilities exclusive only to themselves.

List of Unreadable Enemies

List of Unreadable Enemies
Ghost Jenova Dreamweaver Ghoul Eligor

List of Unreadable Enemies

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