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This is a list of Monsters appearing in the game FF7 Remake. Find out the Gil, EXP, and dropped Items for each Monster, as well as the characteristics and strategies for defeating them.

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List of Monsters

Monsters found in Mako Reactor No. 1

Security Officer

Security Officer.png EXP Gil
9 4
Dropped Items
Potion, Hand Grenade
Attack Style
Fires a machine gun to attack
Strategy to Defeat
Use Punisher Mode to wipe the floor with them

Guard Dog

Guard Dog.png EXP Gil
13 6
Dropped Items
Attack Style
Runs circles around the player, then attacks
Strategy to Defeat
Stagger it to cut down its HP in one burst

Sentry Ray

Sentry Ray.png EXP Gil
7 3
Dropped Items
Attack Style
A Robot that attacks from above with a laser
Strategy to Defeat
Barret's machine gun is needed to take it down


Monodrive.png EXP Gil
6 4
Dropped Items
Potion, Ether
Attack Style
Sometimes attacks with Fire Magic
Strategy to Defeat
Switch to Cloud's Punisher Mode to wipe it out


Sweeper.png EXP Gil
27 15
Dropped Items
Phoenix Down
Attack Style
Watch out for its Stomp and Steam Blast
Strategy to Defeat
You can defeat it safely by keeping to its side and back

Shock Trooper

Shock Trooper.png EXP Gil
19 12
Dropped Items
Attack Style
Avoids your attacks, and waits for a chance to strike
Strategy to Defeat
Make liberal use of Punisher Mode's auto-counter

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5 Anonymous1 day

The sweepers are pretty tanky. Using lightning attack to put em into the stagger status really help counter that.

4 Anonymous3 days

>>3 yeap. I noticed that was the best way to handle them. It deals a lot of damage in one hit and doesn't miss. Puts them really close to staggering too. Really cool they made sure that Punisher Mode had a function in the demo to help introduce it to the players.

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