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Sector 4 - Map and Obtainable Items

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This is the map for the Sector 4 area in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Learn what items are found in each part of this area, where each of the key events takes place, and what items are found in Treasure Chests and Shinra Boxes.

Sector 4 - Map

List of Maps
Plate Upper Level Plate Mid-Level
Plate Lower Level Plate Partition - Interior
Red Dot (Treasure Chest) These items are set. The listed item will always be found here.
Yellow Dot (Shinra Box) These items are random. Items other than those listed may be found here.

Chapter 6: Light the Way Story Guide & Walkthrough

Sector 4 - Obtainable

Plate Upper Level
Potion x3 Antidote x2 Phoenix Down
Mesmeric Armlet Turbo Ether Hi-Potion
Chocobo & Moogle Materia - -
Plate Mid-Level
Hi-Potion Moogle Medal Canister of Hazardous Material
Plate Lower Level
Elemental Materia Remedy MP UP Materia
Plate Partition - Interior
Moogle Medal - -

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1 Mako Reactor 1 11 Sector 6 Slums (Wall Market)
2 Plate Partition 12 Sector 6 Sewer
3 Business District 13 Sector 7 Sewer
4 Last Train Bound for Sector 7 Undercity 14 Trunk Line
5 Sector 7 Slums 15 Sector 7 Pillar
6 Employee Housing Area 16 Damaged Sector 7
7 Corkscrew Tunnel 17 Damaged Sector 6
8 Sector 4 18 Collapsed Sector 7 Plate
9 Mako Reactor 5 19 Sector 0 (Shinra Building)
10 Sector 5 Slums 20 -


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