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How Many Chapters Are in Final Fantasy 7 Remake? | How Long to Beat?

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Here you can find out how many chapters are in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R), how long it will take to beat the game, as well as how long it will take to beat the main story and side content, such as optional bosses and side quests.

How Many Chapters Are in FF7 Remake?

The main story of Final Fantasy 7 (Remake) has a total of 18 chapters. Minus the cutscenes, each chapter will take a little over an hour to complete.

See the Full List of Chapters Here

While the remake is much more linear than the original FF7, and you not be able to travel around quite as freely, you do have the option to revisit older chapters after clearing the game, so if you rushed through a certain chapter and missed items, or you want to enjoy a specific section again, clearing the game will allow you to do this.

How Many Hours Does it Take? | How Long to Beat

Clearing Main Story takes 20 hours

If you focus only on clearing the main story of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you can clear the game in roughly 20 hours.

Our walkthrough team cleared it in this time, but also ignored all side quests etc. and focused only on clearing the story, so it will probably take a bit longer if you play normally.

30 Hours+ Including Side Content

If you plan to do all side content, like quests, gathering and upgrading weapons, optional bosses and so on, it will probably take more than 30 hours.

Considering how this Remake covers only cover the story up to escaping from Midgard from the original FF7, it has quite a surprising amount of volume!

The Avalanche members have really been fleshed out and we believe fans of the original will enjoy this game a lot.

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