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This is a page about the ATB gauge from Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake). Read on to find out what it does and how to best utilize it in your battle against Shinra!

The ATB Gauge

Fill the ATB Gauge by Attacking or Guarding

ATB Gauge.png

The ATB Gauge
How to Fill the ATB Gauge
Continuously press square.png to attack

or hold
to guard.

Your ATB Gauge will also fill naturally over time based on your Speed stat, going from empty to full in 20-30 seconds on average.

The ATB Gauge has a hidden max value of 2000 as well. At the start of battle, each character will start with a random amount of ATB that can be boosted by the First Strike Materia or the Whistlewind Scarf. The amount of possible ATB a character can begin a battle with is listed in the table below:

First Strike Level Starting ATB Amount
Normal Whistlewind Scarf
Unequipped 0-500 500
1 750-1000 1000
2 1000-1250 1250
3 1250-2000 1750-2000*

*There is a high chance it will start at 2000.

Other Ways to Fill the ATB Gauge

How to Fill Fill Rate
Hit an enemy with a Unique Ability Enemy dependent
Use the ATB Boost Materia Doubles current ATB
Hit an enemy with Parry (★2 only) 40-100
Equip the ATB Stagger materia and stagger an enemy ★1: 400, ★2: 650, ★3: 900
Equip the ATB Assist materia and use two abilities in a row (use the second ability during the first's animation) ★1: 400, ★2: 500, ★3: 600 (also increases other party member's ATB)
Equip the Skill Master materia and use 3 different abilities ★1: 400, ★2: 650, ★3: 900

Battle Comands

When you have at least 1 ATB gauge filled, you will become able to use your characters' unique Abilities, cast Spells, or use Items. Summons are also tied to the ATB gauge and can be invoked if the required materia is also set.



Battle Commands can be set to L1.png + a face button.
For quick access to your various battle commands, shortcuts can be assigned to each face button, activated while holding L1.png.

Factors That Change the Speed the ATB Gauge Fills

While typically the gauge fills at a steady pace based on your Speed stat, there are a variety of factors that can speed this up or slow it down.

Factor Fill Rate
Inactive Party Member 0.35x
While under the Haste status effect 1.4x
While under the Slow status effect 0.6x
While under the Sleep or Stop status effect Does not fill
While guarding 0.1x*
While in the middle of an ability animation or stunned Does not fill

*Does not affect inactive party members.

ATB Gauge Tips

Waiting until you have a full ATB gauge will allow you deal more damage all at once, but against trickier enemies it may be smarter to hold onto one bar for an emergency Cure if necessary. Choose your strategy based on the situation!

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